Fabric Vertical Blind’s Benefits – Marikina City

There are four basic purposes of fabric vertical blinds. Firstly, it enhances the beauty of a certain room due to its different colors, style and textures. Wide array of colors are available ranging from darkest to lightest color which can match with your overall home motif and personal taste. Its fabric material makes it more elegant to look at compared to PVC material. Secondly, it gives you the privacy you needed for it contains of blackout material which can totally block the visibility from the outside. Due to merging needs of blackout fabric vertical blinds, we provided our latest blackout fabric vertical for customers who opt for a complete privacy. Thirdly, fabric vertical blinds can be cleaned easily. Unlike other blinds where in you have to remove the mechanism from the window when fabrics accumulated much dust, fabric vertical blinds slats can be removed from the mechanism one by one without removing the mechanism from the window. It can be cleaned by soaking fabric vertical slats in a mild soap and water. Lastly, it reduces or totally blocks the amount of heat entering your room, creating a more comfortable sanctuary for you to rest.

Photos are from one of our installations at Marikina City who opted for fabric vertical blinds.

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installation at Marikina City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installation at Marikina City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds (V7547 Grey)

Fabric Vertical Blinds (V7547 Grey)

Fabric vertical Blinds is better to reduce the amount of heat and sunlight entering to the room and less damage to our skin due to its polyester fabric. Better air circulation is also necessary for a comfortable environment. Its light weight makes it safer if you have kids and pets. If you opt for an opaque material of vertical blinds, you can have PVC vertical blinds. On the other hand, if you opt for a fabric material which is of course more flexible and elegant to look at, you can have fabric vertical blinds.

You are free to select from PVC vertical, Fabric vertical and also you can have Roller shades, Combi blinds, Mini blinds, etc. We are customizing any sizes for your window treatment.


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