All Glass Bay Window Zebra Blinds : Muntinlupa Installation

What’s city life without the busy, lively and cosmopolitan view of the metro? This is why we are accustomed to see establishments, especially high-rise ones, that have large overlooking windows from where one can easily point out all the places in town. Bay windows answers to this description which is why we are looking at it today. Paired with zebra blinds, who knows what benefits and possibilities this combination might bring?

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Dark Blackout and Sunscreen Roller Blinds: Mandaluyong Project

Dark Sunscreen roller blinds

With the advancements today, room tools and enhancements typically include innovative and energy-efficient shades. Though blinds are known to go all the way back to when the Romans made their use famous, it is still one of the contemporary solutions to room decor. For this blog, we shall venture into not just one type of blind but into the two most contrasting blinds, blackout and sunscreen roller blinds, for our Mandaluyong client.

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Fabric Vertical Blinds for Commercial Establishments and Offices: Makati Project

Fabric vertical blinds Makati

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Filipinos sought ways to earn money and sustain their living. Business World (2022) cited that micro, small, and medium enterprises rose to more than a million or by 13% during the health crisis. This uptrend led to 2.2 million Filipinos having a job. New businesses greet us everywhere we go with trendy products and services. For this article, we shall look into the usefulness of vertical fabric blinds to establishments and offices and dive into installing such for our Makati clients.

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Green Carpet Roll Project for Bar and Restaurant : Makati Installation

For most middle class to upper classmen in the Philippines, eating out is a customary form of socializing either with friends or close family members. This makes dining in fast food chains or eateries a common experience among Filipinos. Such also causes heavy foot traffic in restaurants, making cleaning and maintaining the area an everyday necessity. Today, we feature one of our clients, Makati restaurant, and our green carpet installation for their customer area.

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LOSA Trilogy for Multi-Colored Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

Home decorating has been an integral part of maintaining our homes orderly and pleasing. As more home decor evolved and has been innovated, designing interiors also came with more possibilities and styles. For this blog, we shall feature our LOSA Vanity and LOSA Trilogy multi-colored blinds as the highlight of our Pasay Installation.

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Bedroom Curtains with Sheer for Better Privacy: Makati Project

The city life entails full-packed and busy days for urban citizens may it be because of work, school, traffic or other occupying agendas. With this, customers highly value their rest and to have proper rest also means having a proper environment for such purpose. This is where our sheer bedroom curtains come in. Our featured product today are bedroom curtains with sheer for our Makati client and we shall dive in as to how these covers provide comfort, privacy and security, all in one. 

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Roll Up Blinds Sunscreen Instead of Blackout to Permit More Light

Roller shades living room

Identifying which type of blinds would match an interior’s color, design and furniture is the first factor and one of the most crucial when purchasing for one’s home or office. But often overlooked are the blinds’ components and structure as well as appropriateness of such to external surroundings. In today’s article, we will be venturing into the openness factor of blinds, specifically for our client who opted for sheer roll up blinds instead of blackout ones to permit more light. 

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Accordion Doors Kitchen Partition Ideas : Mandaluyong installation

Kitchens in households serve as a very busy and functional place, especially if family members are to prepare meals and snacks multiple times in a day. When spaces allotted for kitchens are minimal, clients are to find ways to still create partitions between such and other parts of the house. Our Mandaluyong client had accordion doors installed to create such divisions and give the interior a neater impression. 

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PVC Wood Blinds for Office Setup – Manila Installation

Faux wood blinds conference room

Achieving productivity and accomplishing tasks at work is one thing and keeping the workplace environment clean and intact is another. This is why workplaces need to be ideal and comfortable for employers and employees. Our Manila installation of PVC Wood Blinds for our client’s office setup sets as an example for such. In today’s article, we will talk about how faux wood blinds do the job for offices as much as it does for residential interiors.

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Venetian Blinds are Most Flexible for Inside Mounting : Manila Installation

Inside mounting of window blinds or even curtains are more technical than outside mounting when it comes to measurement and installation. For most window blinds like roller or combi blinds, at least 3 inches of depth is needed for a fully recessed finish. If protruded installation is acceptable, at least 2.5 inches of depth is required. However, for venetian blinds (aka mini blinds) only 1 inch is required to fully recess it in an inside mounting installation.

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