PVC Vertical Blinds For Green Color Themed Dining Area

One of the most popular do-it-yourself designs for a dining area is using color schemes theme. One of our client in Marikina which we’re featuring in this article used green color pattern with different hues in their dining room. Anyone can create color scheme, but not everybody can make it work and accomplish something beautiful with the right balance of color combination. Some even end up a disaster by overdoing it with wrong color arrangement and matching.

PVC vertical blinds green theme dining room

To avoid any catastrophe, firstly, select a color for your dining area with inspirational color combination with different tones that will suit one another. Think about the ambiance that you would generate and consider about the size of the area and whether you need to use color to visually enlarge the room or to make it feel more comfortable and intimate. Continue reading


Holiday Season Vertical Blinds : Malate Manila Installation

Last holiday season, most people received their 13th month pay and bonuses and are excited to spend it for their family’s christmas needs, others saved it for their emergency fund, while others spent it for toys or latest gadgets. Other people like our client from Malate, Manila spent their hard-earned bonuses to beautify their homes.  If you are a newbie in home improvements and beautification and can’t afford services of an interior designer, one of the most cost-effective way that greatly impacts the overall appearance of your home is window treatment.

Holiday season vertical blinds

Some of the usual things that people buy for their home improvement projects are brand new dining table, sofa set and other fixtures while some opt for new flooring or even wallpaper.  However, when you are in a budget, window blinds can be a wise choice since unlike new paint job, wallpaper or new flooring, in window treatment you’re not required to replace all your window covers. In addition, blinds has several types that you can match with your budget.  For this client, we are featuring PVC vertical blinds since this is one of the most budget-friendly blinds in the market. Continue reading

Playing with Color and Maximizing Space with Vertical Blinds – Pasay City Installation

These days window treatments are not only used to provide privacy and protection from sunlight and heat. Home owners are now also giving credit to the exterior and dramatic look of a window cover and how it can influence and enhance the entire appearance of a room.

One of the most popular window we’ll feature today is Vertical Blinds that’s also available in different colors, texture and pattern design. It’s also one of the most exciting, beautiful and eye-catching window treatments you can ever use because you can personalize the color combination of your vertical slats that will fit to your room motif and personal taste. In fact, one of our clients in Pasay City chooses to install PVC Vertical Blinds using two alternating colors for the bedroom and living room windows.

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Our client wanted a window treatment that can easily fit to their room motif and at the same time attractive, creative and unique. To make it easier to fit in any room motif our client chooses to use a neutral color such as cream and mocca for their PVC Vertical Blinds. Cream and mocca are one of the most flexible and ideal color combinations that can complement any design that perfectly fits to our client living room and bedroom motif.  Continue reading

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Girly, charming and perfectly pink these are the best description you get when you ask every little girl’s dream room.  Our client in Ermita, Manila who just decorated her little girl’s bedroom with a chic pink color design that helps to inspire creativity and playfulness as well as appealing for any child’s viewpoint.  Also pink is a color nowadays that obviously associated with girls and women that only seems to be excellent girl’s room design like what our client did. When it comes to a pink theme bedroom there are also plenty of accessories and interior styles that you can add and mix to turn it into a modern design room flawlessly.

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room - Ermita Manila

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Since your child surely will spend a lot of time in their own bedroom it’s only natural to make their bedrooms extra special.  Unique accessories and cool décor items can turn a simple child’s room to fabulous and fashionable bedrooms adding to pink color tone will certainly inspire your children and have a sweet dream every night.  Continue reading

Lessen the Heat in your Sunlit Room with PVC Vertical Blinds – Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

Buying or building a new house is one of the most significant choices that you need to do. To maximize the investment into the new home it is important to be attentive of some potential weather influences. You need to be mindful with sun angle of your window, rainfall and humidity. The direction your windows face plays a critical role that most home owner doesn’t consider or realize at first until they find out later.

PVC Vertical Blinds to Lessen Heat at  Sunlit Room - Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds to Lessen Heat at Sunlit Room – Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

One of our clients in Sun Residences, Quezon City who bought a new home has experienced before in their old house that her bedroom window used to be facing west that is where the sun is in its highest point which also means it is the hottest part of the day.  She doesn’t like the heat radiating from her windows that makes her room always feels hot even though the sun is already gone, the warmth still linger in her room. That’s why she made a mental note that in her new house she’ll avoid her windows facing west and instead she chooses to use the east side where the morning sun rise which is more refreshing and bring a perfect temperature to just make her room warm enough. Continue reading

PVC Vertical Blinds For Patio Door and Window – Wind Residences, Tagaytay Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds are perfect for modern day living, they are totally easy to operate and when it comes to maintenance it’s very easy to clean. It also offers complete blackout perfect for windows facing the sun set or sun rise and provide privacy.  The best thing about PVC Vertical Blinds is the ability it has to accommodate whether it’s small opening or large like doors.

PVC Vertical Blinds As Patio Door Window Treatment - Wind Residences, Tagaytay

PVC Vertical Blinds As Patio Door Window Treatment – Wind Residences, Tagaytay

One of the things most people consider when it comes to window treatment for doors like patio door is whether it gets in the way when going inside and outside. That’s why PVC Vertical Blinds is the most suitable window treatment for doors because it consists of a series of slats that move sideways. The slats hang vertically can easily move to the side when someone is passing by, unlike roll up blinds and horizontal blinds you need to pull it all up just to pass and get in or out, it’s both a waste of energy and time for using these blinds for door. While PVC Vertical Blinds is the only blinds that move sideways that’s perfect for doors, can also provide privacy and easy to manage. Continue reading