PVC Wood Blinds for Office Setup – Manila Installation

Faux wood blinds conference room

Achieving productivity and accomplishing tasks at work is one thing and keeping the workplace environment clean and intact is another. This is why workplaces need to be ideal and comfortable for employers and employees. Our Manila installation of PVC Wood Blinds for our client’s office setup sets as an example for such. In today’s article, we will talk about how faux wood blinds do the job for offices as much as it does for residential interiors.

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Ladder Tape for Wood Blinds: A Stylish but Optional Accessory

Recently a lot of homeowners choose window blinds over curtains and draperies.  Aside from the fact that it can block direct sunlight from coming in and achieve maximum level of privacy for your room, one can also use window blinds to add style to your home. Among the many types of blinds, the wood blinds will always be a kind of window treatment that never gets old or out of fashion.

Ladder tape wood blinds

These blinds are made from real wood with a wide selection of colors that are easy to blend to any chosen home décor and motif as well as features, furniture, flooring and cabinets especially ones that comes in wood finish. Continue reading

Matching Kitchen Cabinets with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds – Las Pinas City, Philippines

Kitchen is the heart of the home where all the real action really happens, where every celebration such as welcome party, birthday, or any ordinary day’s kitchen is always everyone ends up gathering that’s why our client in Las Pinas City decided to make her kitchen look more comfy, creative and warm.

Emphasize the Beauty of Kitchen with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds - Las Piñas City

Emphasize the Beauty of Kitchen with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds – Las Piñas City

Getting the best out of your kitchen space while allowing your creativeness to take place is something we all wanted for our kitchen. For our client the limited space of her kitchen doesn’t prevent her to redecorate her place to the way she always wanted a cozy, simple yet sophisticated kitchen that she can move comfortably. The first thing she did is choosing the color of the wall and she pick white which is very common but, it’s really a smart choice cause it can brighten the aura of any room and help to make a small area seem bigger and spacious.  Secondly, choosing a cabinet, which is she choose wood cabinet with the color of oak that provide a striking contrast from the white wall. Cabinets emphasized by vibrant or strong color and beautiful carving can affect a big factor in your interior kitchen. Continue reading

Faux Wood Blinds / Foam Wood Blinds Best Window Treatment in Look and Functionality: Urdaneta Village, Makati City

Planning for the best window cover can be easy if you already knew what outcome you wanted to accomplish. Like one of our client in Urdaneta Village,  Makati City who opted for Faux Wood Blinds/ Foam Wood Blinds in her living room window. She needs something that can totally prevent and at the same time very easy to control when she wants some light in. She selected horizontal blinds, which is Faux Wood Blinds since it’s still the best type of blinds when it comes to light control. Through its horizontal slats, it can create beautiful lighting effect, perfect for living room where you commonly spend more time when having bonding with your significant others.

Installed Faux Wood Blinds in Urdaneta Village, Makati City

Installed Foam Wood Blinds in Urdaneta Village, Makati City

Faux wood blind is also one of the most durable blinds and a close imitation of Wood Blinds so it can also give a chic and elegant look into your window and the best window treatment when it comes to look and functionality. It is also one of the toughest blinds that can be installed in both humid and warm places because of its unbeatable moisture and heat resistance ability. A beautiful window blinds with a great functionality in a small price is the best offer you can have for window cover.

Foam Wood Blinds: Chestnut

Foam Wood Blinds: Chestnut

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