All Glass Bay Window Zebra Blinds : Muntinlupa Installation

What’s city life without the busy, lively and cosmopolitan view of the metro? This is why we are accustomed to see establishments, especially high-rise ones, that have large overlooking windows from where one can easily point out all the places in town. Bay windows answers to this description which is why we are looking at it today. Paired with zebra blinds, who knows what benefits and possibilities this combination might bring?

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LOSA Trilogy for Multi-Colored Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

Home decorating has been an integral part of maintaining our homes orderly and pleasing. As more home decor evolved and has been innovated, designing interiors also came with more possibilities and styles. For this blog, we shall feature our LOSA Vanity and LOSA Trilogy multi-colored blinds as the highlight of our Pasay Installation.

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Combi Blinds : An Alternative to Curtains and Its Functional Purpose to Your Homes

May it be for decorating and other convenient purposes, clients usually tend to go for products that are easy to use and require less maintenance. Take combi blinds for example. This type of blinds is very stylish and is now preferable to curtains. Also, these trendy combi blinds are now fitting to any type of interior, having various styles to choose from and are very much customizable as according to client’s light intake preferences.

Curtain alternative: the combi blinds

Curtains are still often the first choice when it comes to covering and enhancing a room’s atmosphere and appearance. But with the uprise of the use of window blinds and its varying types, clients now have another useful alternative for the traditional curtain use. Focusing on combi blinds as this alternative, let’s have a look to the pros of its use.

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Combi Shade Blinds : City Living with Style – Ayala Alabang

Living in the city is bitter sweet. You get to have all the modern lifestyle luxuries but at the same time experience some of the city inconveniences.  People are always busy and in a hurry. Roadway noise, air pollution and heavy traffic are just typical things we experience in our daily city travel and commute. Despite all this, more and more people still want to stay and live in the city where high paying work opportunities are abundant.

Combi blinds shades alabang project

Our featured client, who is a foreign expat, rented a 3 bedroom house in Ayala Alabang which is a perfect place to unwind and find peace and serenity inside a busy city. He specifically chose a plain beige color combi shade blinds (also known as duo shades or zebra blinds) for his new place that adds not only privacy but also to project style in his interior. Continue reading

Pink Combi Blinds and Shades for Girls Room : Las Pinas Installation

Pink is a color that is obviously associated with girls and women. In fact, when it comes to a girls’ bedroom pink seems to be an eternal hits. What makes the pink a distinctively attractive color for girls is generally unknown, yet is always the number one pick of every girl choice whether it’s for clothes, accessories, toys and even bedroom themes like our client in Las Pinas.

Pink blinds shades

There are plenty of ways to design, decorate and interior styles that can mix pink perfectly into the modern theme. Creating pink theme for girls bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to use pink and nothing else like what our client smartly done with their daughter’s room. There are lots of other styles and color combinations that one can easily adopt using pink without going a bit too far for a girls’ bedroom. Continue reading

Small Office Tips For A Simple But Professional Interior Design

How do you choose the environment that’s best for your team or employees? Forget about asking them and imagine yourself in their position and think about what are the things that will make them feel more comfortable in the office and at the same maintains the professional appearance and ambiance in the room. A well-designed office will surely increase the efficiency of your staff and will affect the overall profitability of your company.

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

There’s a lot of things you can do to create a simple yet professional and comfortable office interior. First of all you must invest with the office furniture within the available budget. There is a lot of different furniture that is inexpensive yet comfortable and can look professional at the same time. Continue reading

Entertainment Room Interior Design Ideas for Small Areas

Entertainment room now is a popular feature in every home. We all love to get an exclusive room just for entertainment that’s why our client turned one into an entertainment area. Our client wanted to ensure to maximize the square footage of the room to create a comfortable and enjoyable media room for the whole family and guest.

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas

Planning to create an entertainment room in limited space might be difficult yet there are a lot of tricks to make it work. First know what are the first things you need to place in the room and how are you going to position it. For our client he chooses to place a one large leather sofa so more people can sit and at the same time feel comfortable. Continue reading

New Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for A Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City Philippines

Designers and home owners who personally decorate their house know the importance value of matching and balancing color in designing a room and how it can greatly affect the overall appearance of the interior design. Color is the key in achieving and executing your motif in any room and sometimes it can also be the main focus of room motif with the use of color scheme pattern like our client in Marikina City using complementing color two tone designs.

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Aparment - Marikina City, Philippines

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City, Philippines

Our client uses a two toned design in her new apartment with the shade of light and dark green. The reason our client chooses green as the main color for her apartment is because green is one of the most relaxing and calming color and considered the most restful color for the eye. Green can also help to cool things down and bring freshness look and ambiance in a room, even in summer heat making the room more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. And for people like our client that always has a hectic schedule going home in a place with a design that can help relieve stress from the busy day is always welcome in her apartment. Continue reading

Dual Shade Blinds With Checkered Design – Magallanes Village, Pasay Metro Manila

If you are thinking that checkered pattern are old school or out of style, you might be wrong. Whether you decide to combine it with black and white, traditional or urban style it will never be old looking as long as you know how to mix and match. Using checkered design might be a bold choice but when you use it for your home interior it can be versatile. This type of pattern can make your space chic and cool looking, that is why DS Windows and Walls offer a dual shade blind with checkered design.  Checkered design can add interest not only in your window but also to the general style and mood of your room.

Dual Shades Blinds Produce Playful Ambiance of Simple Room - Magallanes Village, Pasay

Dual Shades Blinds Produce Playful Ambiance of Simple Room – Magallanes Village, Pasay

Here is a sample of a dual shade blind with checkered design that was installed in Magallanes Village, Pasay City. As you can see in the pictures our client selected a combination of brown and beige color square checkers. It transforms their boring home into lively home interior. Continue reading

Combi Blinds Makes A Simple Bedroom Apartment Look Appealing – Palanan, Makati Installation

Are you living in an apartment? Living in an apartment can be thrilling and fun, especially if this is the first time you’re moving out of your parent’s house and living alone or starting a new family. While others might find it difficult to decorate because most apartments have different policies to be followed that some feel restricted to explore and design their own place.  Some have lots of regulation involving the visual aspect of an apartment that give you limited options when it comes to decorating your house.

Combi Blinds Creates An Appealing Look For Simple Bedroom - Makati

Combi Blinds Creates An Appealing Look For Simple Bedroom – Makati

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