PVC Vertical Blinds as a Perfect Window Treatment & Decor for College Library – Sta.Mesa, Manila, Philippines

Although we are in a modern computer world, many students still preferred to use a library. A library is a place of an organized collection of resources such as books, encyclopedias, magazines, thesis, articles, periodicals etc. Mostly, we can find libraries in every school especially in colleges and universities in which a lot of research work happens. It is important to every college students that their library would be a place in which they found peacefulness and be comfortable while they were studying or doing their research.

PVC Vertical Blinds Installation at Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds Installation at Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines

Making a college library more comfortable is very easy. Having books and other resource materials in proper bookshelves and with the use of card catalog, it will become easier for students to find what they are looking for. Fully air-conditioned library rooms will not only give comfortable feelings but will also help old books to maintain. To add more attraction to the students, you could use PVC vertical blinds for the window, especially when much sunlight strikes to the window for it has the ability to totally block sun rays. Our client is from one of the prestigious universities in Sta. Mesa, Manila who preferred to use PVC vertical blinds for their library windows.

PVC Vertical Blinds Installation in a College Library

PVC Vertical Blinds Installed in a College Library

According to them, many of their students complaining about their old window cover. Although it is fully air-conditioned, huge amount of sunlight still passes through the windows, creating an uncomfortable and bothersome temperature. Changing their old window cover to PVC vertical blinds not only block sun rays but also give elegant look that attracts more students to use the library.

Brush Slate Color and Design  of PVC Vertical Blinds

Brush Slate Color and Design of PVC Vertical Blinds

In DS Windows & Walls, you have various choices on what window treatment will look best to your windows. You can also combine colors that you want for particular blinds like Mini or Venetian Blinds, Fauxwood Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Vertical Blinds. We are allowing you to create your own style for your preferred home motif.

For more inquiries, call us at (02) 403-3262 / 0916-31-3909 or e-mail us at inquiry@dswindows.com. You can also visit our website at www.dswindows.com .

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