PVC Accordion Door For A Small Walk-in Pantry At Malate, Manila, Philippines

Pantry is a small room inside the house where food items, plates and dishes, groceries and other kitchen tools are stored. There are several ways in designing this storeroom whether it is for indoors or outdoors. Pantry is not only used for keeping kitchen necessities, but can be storage of any other basic materials like wines and porcelain. If you have a large house with large rooms, there is no problem, but if you have a small house, you can build your pantry outside the house or use the smallest room as your walk-in pantry.

In designing your pantry, having a cabinet or shelves is the best way to design it. With the use of cabinets or shelves, you can properly organize the things you needed. If you have a small room, it is very advisable to use a wall shelves or wall cabinets to occupy less space. For the pantry doors, you may opt to use PVC Accordion Door for you to access easily your small pantry room.

Deluxe Beech Accordion Door Installation at Malate, Manila, Philippines

Deluxe Beech Accordion Door Installation at Malate, Manila, Philippines

PVC Accordion Door is also known as folding door and when you open it, you can fold it to either one-way side or both sides. In this way, you can have an easily access to your pantry without being bothered by the large space it occupies when opening just like traditional hinged doors. Our client from Malate, Manila opted to use Deluxe Beech PVC Accordion Door for his small walk-in pantry. It really helps him whenever he is in a hurry getting those things he needs.

In DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply, we offer different kinds of accordion door such as French, Deluxe and Regular accordion door based on your needs and wants. For more inquiries, reach us at the ff:


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