Roller Blinds for a Warmer and Beautiful Looking Room: Cavite, Philippines


Roller Blinds Installation in a Bedroom

Roller Blinds as window covering is popularly use in the office. Because of the simplicity of the style, people found it boring and too formal if they put it in the house. There is also Blackout Roller Blinds that perfectly fit in the office especially in those areas that are located on the higher floor to block all the unwanted heat and sunlight from the sun.


Sunscreen Roller Blinds for Glass Wall

One of our clients in Cavite, Philippines opted for Sunscreen Roller Blinds for their bedroom. Even though Roller Blinds is well known as commonly use for the offices, she bravely used Roller Blinds as her blinds for their huge windows in their room. Our client’s room is surrounded by a huge window, as if the entire walls in the room are made of glass. Although the room is full of large windows, they prefer Sunscreen Roller Blinds with enough openness factors for the right amount of light to get in.


A4101 White Color of Roller Blinds

The owner of the house intentionally places huge window around the room and for the entire house. They love the natural light coming from the outside especially in the morning so they prefer the Sunscreen Roller Blinds / Roller Shades.  It also gives the room a welcoming feeling and very comfortable and relaxing look.

Due to popularity of Roller Blinds, various designs, colors and materials are developed, making it suitable and perfect not only for offices, but also for residential areas. For more information, email us at or call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / 0916-311-3909. You can also visit our website at

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