Folding Door to Enhance the Beauty of your Home: Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines

One of the reasons why we love to redecorate our house on our own is that we know what we really need and want in our daily lives. When we get an interior designer or copy a house motif on the internet or a magazine, it can really make the house look more sophisticated and stylish, but it does not always mean that it can create a comfortable sanctuary. For example, the designer suggested putting a glass center table and an expensive figurine or vase, but you have a young child who loves to run around the house, do you really think it is appropriate and wise to follow the interior designer?

wk7 wrd 1

You can have you dream house, but be sure to consider other factors for your family’s safety. Our client in Pateros, Metro Manila opted for Folding Door / Accordion Door for her house and they always make sure that everything is safe for their family. Their family personally selected all the furniture that they have and their interior motif. They used a simple color Folding Door: Beech for their room door. Folding door really looks good and adds unique style and beauty in their interior.

wk7 wrd 2

DS Windows & Walls offer a free visit for actual measurement if within Metro Manila. If you have your own measurement, you can email us at or call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / 0916-311-3909 for free quotation. Feel free to visit our website at and our showrooms located at 4th Level Waltermart, Makati City, 3rd Level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City, 2nd Level Pacific Mall, Lucena City.


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