Ways to Properly Clean Your Combi Blinds in Paranaque, Philippines

Combi Blinds is a blind that combined the look and function of both roller and venetian blinds. It composed of solid and sheer part creating a horizontal layer that looks like venetian slats. The sheer part is also a way to prevent any bugs entering the room while the solid part is helping reduce or block the light coming from the outside. Combi Blinds is also 100% made of polyester fabric, which is very durable. Polyester is resistant to most of the chemicals and from stretching and wrinkle. Because of this, most people love to use Combi Blinds as their window cover.

Intallation of Combi Blinds in Paranaque, Philippines

Installation of Combi Blinds in Paranaque, Philippines

Here are some tips to clean properly your Combi Blinds:

1)      You must bring down the blinds and lay it on the floor or table. The table or floor must be clean first or you must place some large plastic or something that don’t absorb water.

2)      Vacuum the entire fabric and securely remove all the dust from the back and front of your blinds.

3)      Prepare a bucket with warm water and a small amount of liquid detergent and a soft cloth. Combine the water and the liquid detergent.

4)      Use the soft cloth as the brush and wipe the entire blinds back and forth.

5)      Use a washed cloth to wipe the soapy blinds. Repeat the action until all the soap is gone.

6)      Get a dry towel and dab the Combi blinds to help it dry. You can also use a blower or a vacuum to dry it. You can also bring it back up and let it dry itself.

COmbi Blinds one of the Best Blinds Today

Combi Blinds one of the Best Blinds Today

One of our clients in Paranaque City who opted for Combi Blinds in her house uses this step in cleaning her combi blinds to ensure that her blinds always look in it best.

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