Latest Wallpaper 2017 Design – Amethyst : Makati Installation

As the year 2016 coming to its last few months, new wallpaper designs come to end this year in a more exciting and fashionable way that also welcomes the start of 2017 with style.  Presenting the latest wallpaper Amethyst available in our sales branches that comes with new design from the wide range of classic weave, geometrical patterns, rhythmic, abstract and floral trails. This newest Amethyst wallpaper design is such a powerful tool to make a very simple room into a dramatic scene in an instant or a looking boring office into bold and cutting-edge look.

Newest wallpaper 2016 design : amethyst

We are always looking for ways to create that wow factor in our homes without having to add more costly items, such expensive furniture, figurines or more when Amethyst wallpaper alone does a great job of it. Like our featured client in Makati for this article who’s one of our first clients that installed pattern 11-1904 from Amethyst series as you can see in the pictures.

Most people, especially the first timers are nervous to install wallpaper on their entire wall, but not our client who’s bold enough to use it to her whole living room and the effect is amazing. Using the pattern of leaves on the wall creates a relaxing atmosphere with a beautiful range of nature leaves design. Its color has a perfect balance and not overpowering even though it’s full of large leaf print. The wallpaper design is also uneven and the leaf pattern is beautifully embossed making it more realistic and lively on the wall.

Latest 2016 Wallpaper Design with Combi Blinds

Our leaves-themed wallpapers are the perfect, natural compliment to any design scheme. Amethyst wallpaper is also available from traditional and classic to bold and graphic pattern. It’s also made of vinyl which is one of the high-quality type wallpaper that’ll surely last for a long period of time. Vinyl wallpaper is known for its durability and its also washable so don’t be scared in cleaning off the dust with a damp cloth.

For more inquiries please call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / (02) 668-9668 / 0916-311-3909 or visit our showroom at 2nd level Pacific Mall Lucena City, 3rd level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City and 4th level Waltermart, Makati City.


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