Holiday Season Vertical Blinds : Malate Manila Installation

Last holiday season, most people received their 13th month pay and bonuses and are excited to spend it for their family’s christmas needs, others saved it for their emergency fund, while others spent it for toys or latest gadgets. Other people like our client from Malate, Manila spent their hard-earned bonuses to beautify their homes.  If you are a newbie in home improvements and beautification and can’t afford services of an interior designer, one of the most cost-effective way that greatly impacts the overall appearance of your home is window treatment.

Holiday season vertical blinds

Some of the usual things that people buy for their home improvement projects are brand new dining table, sofa set and other fixtures while some opt for new flooring or even wallpaper.  However, when you are in a budget, window blinds can be a wise choice since unlike new paint job, wallpaper or new flooring, in window treatment you’re not required to replace all your window covers. In addition, blinds has several types that you can match with your budget.  For this client, we are featuring PVC vertical blinds since this is one of the most budget-friendly blinds in the market.

It might not be as fancy or trendy as combi shades or wood blinds but the main advantage of this type of blind is that it is budget-friendly and you still get the full functionality of a proper window cover.  This blind, with proper care and maintenance, can last more than 10 years. We had a bunch of repeat customers that extended their house and bought some more vertical blinds and witness their old blinds from a decade ago still in good condition.  Another advantage of vertical blinds is that it is more resistant to heat and so it is a better heat insulator than its fabric-type blinds counterparts.

Classic vertical blinds through the years

Maintenance of PVC vertical blinds is as easy as wiping the individual blades with a wet damp cloth to remove unwanted dust. It is also easy to detach the blades from its carrier so that you can clean it more thoroughly by laying the detached blades in a table or floor.

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