Ladder Tape for Wood Blinds: A Stylish but Optional Accessory

Recently a lot of homeowners choose window blinds over curtains and draperies.  Aside from the fact that it can block direct sunlight from coming in and achieve maximum level of privacy for your room, one can also use window blinds to add style to your home. Among the many types of blinds, the wood blinds will always be a kind of window treatment that never gets old or out of fashion.

Ladder tape wood blinds

These blinds are made from real wood with a wide selection of colors that are easy to blend to any chosen home décor and motif as well as features, furniture, flooring and cabinets especially ones that comes in wood finish.

Ladder tape colorsThere are times that wood blinds look a little bit plain for your room motif or style however you can often make it work by adding an optional accessory like fabric ladder tape. Ladder tape is a two layer fabric strip that hold and support the horizontal slats. These tapes are not just a decorative upgrade and perfect accent to any decor, it also adds additional light blockage by covering the routed holes in each wood blind slat. Ladder tape also helps to maintain wood blinds durability that makes it last for several years.

Wood blinds tape accessories

One of our clients opted to use wood blinds with ladder tape for their modern living room. The slats of these wood blinds are very easy to control whenever he wants to allow the light inside or just block it by simple pulling the strings located at the sides. Its ladder tape makes the wood blinds stylish and stand out with elegance. DS Windows wood blinds come with 2” horizontal slat and you can order the ladder tape optional accessory that comes in different colors by specifying it during the ordering process. With us, you can be the best designer of your own home.

If you’re the type of person that loves simplicity and practicality you can also order it without the ladder tape as shown in one of our wood blinds blogs here.

Brown wood blinds with ladder tape

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