New Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for A Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City Philippines

Designers and home owners who personally decorate their house know the importance value of matching and balancing color in designing a room and how it can greatly affect the overall appearance of the interior design. Color is the key in achieving and executing your motif in any room and sometimes it can also be the main focus of room motif with the use of color scheme pattern like our client in Marikina City using complementing color two tone designs.

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Aparment - Marikina City, Philippines

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City, Philippines

Our client uses a two toned design in her new apartment with the shade of light and dark green. The reason our client chooses green as the main color for her apartment is because green is one of the most relaxing and calming color and considered the most restful color for the eye. Green can also help to cool things down and bring freshness look and ambiance in a room, even in summer heat making the room more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. And for people like our client that always has a hectic schedule going home in a place with a design that can help relieve stress from the busy day is always welcome in her apartment. Continue reading


Dual Shade Blinds With Checkered Design – Magallanes Village, Pasay Metro Manila

If you are thinking that checkered pattern are old school or out of style, you might be wrong. Whether you decide to combine it with black and white, traditional or urban style it will never be old looking as long as you know how to mix and match. Using checkered design might be a bold choice but when you use it for your home interior it can be versatile. This type of pattern can make your space chic and cool looking, that is why DS Windows and Walls offer a dual shade blind with checkered design.  Checkered design can add interest not only in your window but also to the general style and mood of your room.

Dual Shades Blinds Produce Playful Ambiance of Simple Room - Magallanes Village, Pasay

Dual Shades Blinds Produce Playful Ambiance of Simple Room – Magallanes Village, Pasay

Here is a sample of a dual shade blind with checkered design that was installed in Magallanes Village, Pasay City. As you can see in the pictures our client selected a combination of brown and beige color square checkers. It transforms their boring home into lively home interior. Continue reading