Mini Blinds as an Alternative to Curtain – Buendia, Makati City Philippines

A color plays a vital role in the whole world in which we live. Color can influence the way we think, change actions, and trigger reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, make your blood pressure rise or dominate your appetite. It is also vital in the world of designing, especially in interior designing for it can create a positive outcome with the right combination of colors.

Having the right color combination for our home makes it looks more stylish, particularly for window treatment. Curtains certainly can have several of colors that can add fashion to our house, but its color could fade as the years went by through regular washing. Using aluminium mini blinds are the best alternative to curtains. Even when mini blinds are exposed to sunlight and heat over a period of time, it will not warp and fade its color.

Pictures were taken from our client in Buendia, Makati City, who chose dark green apple mini blinds for her window. According to her, she is tired of monthly getting new set of curtains for its color fade easily after washing that’s why she transferred to mini blinds for she knew that its color will last for a long period of time and it is very easy to maintain.

In DS Windows & Walls, various colors of mini blinds are available that will suits for your house theme. It can make your home look fashionable for it is custom-made and you can also combine any colors in one set. For more inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at (02) 403-3262 / 0916-31-3909 or e-mail us at You can also visit our showrooms located at   4th Level Waltermart, Makati City, 3rd Level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City and 2nd Level Pacific Mall, Lucena City. You can also visit our website at

Mini Blinds Installation at Buendia, Makati City, Philippines

Mini Blinds Installation at Buendia, Makati City, Philippines

Sun Yellow Color of Mini Blinds

Sun Yellow Color of Mini Blinds


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