LOSA Trilogy for Multi-Colored Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

Home decorating has been an integral part of maintaining our homes orderly and pleasing. As more home decor evolved and has been innovated, designing interiors also came with more possibilities and styles. For this blog, we shall feature our LOSA Vanity and LOSA Trilogy multi-colored blinds as the highlight of our Pasay Installation.

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Bedroom Curtains with Sheer for Better Privacy: Makati Project

The city life entails full-packed and busy days for urban citizens may it be because of work, school, traffic or other occupying agendas. With this, customers highly value their rest and to have proper rest also means having a proper environment for such purpose. This is where our sheer bedroom curtains come in. Our featured product today are bedroom curtains with sheer for our Makati client and we shall dive in as to how these covers provide comfort, privacy and security, all in one. 

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Roll Up Blinds Sunscreen Instead of Blackout to Permit More Light

Roller shades living room

Identifying which type of blinds would match an interior’s color, design and furniture is the first factor and one of the most crucial when purchasing for one’s home or office. But often overlooked are the blinds’ components and structure as well as appropriateness of such to external surroundings. In today’s article, we will be venturing into the openness factor of blinds, specifically for our client who opted for sheer roll up blinds instead of blackout ones to permit more light. 

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Accordion Doors Kitchen Partition Ideas : Mandaluyong installation

Kitchens in households serve as a very busy and functional place, especially if family members are to prepare meals and snacks multiple times in a day. When spaces allotted for kitchens are minimal, clients are to find ways to still create partitions between such and other parts of the house. Our Mandaluyong client had accordion doors installed to create such divisions and give the interior a neater impression. 

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PVC Wood Blinds for Office Setup – Manila Installation

Faux wood blinds conference room

Achieving productivity and accomplishing tasks at work is one thing and keeping the workplace environment clean and intact is another. This is why workplaces need to be ideal and comfortable for employers and employees. Our Manila installation of PVC Wood Blinds for our client’s office setup sets as an example for such. In today’s article, we will talk about how faux wood blinds do the job for offices as much as it does for residential interiors.

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Venetian Blinds are Most Flexible for Inside Mounting : Manila Installation

Inside mounting of window blinds or even curtains are more technical than outside mounting when it comes to measurement and installation. For most window blinds like roller or combi blinds, at least 3 inches of depth is needed for a fully recessed finish. If protruded installation is acceptable, at least 2.5 inches of depth is required. However, for venetian blinds (aka mini blinds) only 1 inch is required to fully recess it in an inside mounting installation.

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Difference between PVC Vertical and Fabric Vertical Blinds

In this blog we’ll discuss the difference between PVC and Fabric vertical blinds. Both of these type of blinds are vertically oriented. It both consist of blades that are attached at the railing using a type of hook. It is also operated using the same fashion. The first is by pulling a cord to change the angle of the blade thereby controlling the amount of light entering your room. The second is to pull another string to move all the blades to the left or to the right depending on your preference.  When it comes to designs, both PVC and fabric vertical blinds have a wide selection of beautiful designs.

Fabric Vertical Blinds sun blocking ability

The difference between the two are the material used. PVC vertical blinds, like its name, is made of a type of durable but light plastic. Fabric vertical blinds, like the name suggest, is made of thick fabric. The above photo is selected to demonstrate how light penetrates a fabric vertical blinds. Unlike PVC as you will see later, it can give a bit of light in the room even if it is totally closed. This, to some people, is preferable especially in the living room or kitchen where there are not much sense to block all light 100%. Continue reading

Vinyl Wallpaper Installation in Lipa and Batangas City Area

Today, we’ll be presenting some of our vinyl wallpaper projects in Batangas area. DS Windows and Walls have been operating in Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Quezon area for over 10 years. Our satisfied clients over the years are familiar with our window blinds and shades, folding doors, and carpet product lines but not generally know that we also supply and install vinyl wallpapers.  For CALABARZON area you may contact Jing Libardo at (Globe) 0932-373-2050.

Wallpaper Batangas

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Combi Blinds : An Alternative to Curtains and Its Functional Purpose to Your Homes

May it be for decorating and other convenient purposes, clients usually tend to go for products that are easy to use and require less maintenance. Take combi blinds for example. This type of blinds is very stylish and is now preferable to curtains. Also, these trendy combi blinds are now fitting to any type of interior, having various styles to choose from and are very much customizable as according to client’s light intake preferences.

Curtain alternative: the combi blinds

Curtains are still often the first choice when it comes to covering and enhancing a room’s atmosphere and appearance. But with the uprise of the use of window blinds and its varying types, clients now have another useful alternative for the traditional curtain use. Focusing on combi blinds as this alternative, let’s have a look to the pros of its use.

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PVC Vertical Blinds For Green Color Themed Dining Area

One of the most popular do-it-yourself designs for a dining area is using color schemes theme. One of our client in Marikina which we’re featuring in this article used green color pattern with different hues in their dining room. Anyone can create color scheme, but not everybody can make it work and accomplish something beautiful with the right balance of color combination. Some even end up a disaster by overdoing it with wrong color arrangement and matching.

PVC vertical blinds green theme dining room

To avoid any catastrophe, firstly, select a color for your dining area with inspirational color combination with different tones that will suit one another. Think about the ambiance that you would generate and consider about the size of the area and whether you need to use color to visually enlarge the room or to make it feel more comfortable and intimate. Continue reading