Water Proof PVC Accordion Door – Sta Rosa, Laguna Installation

All homes have shower and laundry rooms and it is one of the most important part of the house because this is where cleaning takes place.  Unfortunately, since these rooms have lots of water that sprays all over the door during bath or laundry it has a tendency to destroy wooden doors overtime.  Water brings a negative effect in woods and metal, it expands and contracts these materials when it frequently gets wet.  Metal doors as everybody knows oxidizes and rust accumulates that brings damage to the door in the long run.  These materials also are not suitable for high humidity areas.

Water Proof Accordion Door For Shower Room - Sta Rosa, Laguna

Water Proof Accordion Door For Shower Room – Sta Rosa, Laguna

One of the best solution to these problems is to install a PVC type accordion doors.  Like our client from Sta. Rosa, Laguna who chose accordion door for their shower and laundry room.

Accordion door offers good quality and durability; it is made up of plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) type so it is waterproof, compared with the wooden door that expands when gets wet. Aside from the practical usage that PVC accordion door brings, it also creates an aesthetic design in your place with the help of its own design and color. Our client selected light oak color for their shower room and pine color for their laundry area.

Water Proof Accordion Door for Laundry Area - Sta Rosa, Laguna Philippines

Water Proof Accordion Door for Laundry Area – Sta Rosa, Laguna Philippines

Not only that PVC type accordion doors are water proof it is also a space saver since it doesn’t swing.  It optimizes the space by folding its panels all the way to the left or right.  It also adds beauty to the rooms since there are lots of texture and colors to choose from where you can match your room’s furniture/fixtures motif.  These accordion doors are also customizable and can fit in any door opening.

For Batangas, Cavite, Laguna area, you may call Globe 0917-583-0214 or Sun 0922-592-6111 or 0908-989-4676 look for Patrick Villapando.

DS Windows and Walls offers different types of PVC accordion door, for more information you can check out our webstore at http://www.angryblinds.com.ph or visit our store located at 4th level Waltermart, Makati City, 3rd level Robinson Metro East, Pasig City and 2nd level Pacific Mall, Lucena City. You can also send your inquiries or your measurement for rough quotation at inquiry@dwindows.com.


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