PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Girly, charming and perfectly pink these are the best description you get when you ask every little girl’s dream room.  Our client in Ermita, Manila who just decorated her little girl’s bedroom with a chic pink color design that helps to inspire creativity and playfulness as well as appealing for any child’s viewpoint.  Also pink is a color nowadays that obviously associated with girls and women that only seems to be excellent girl’s room design like what our client did. When it comes to a pink theme bedroom there are also plenty of accessories and interior styles that you can add and mix to turn it into a modern design room flawlessly.

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room - Ermita Manila

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Since your child surely will spend a lot of time in their own bedroom it’s only natural to make their bedrooms extra special.  Unique accessories and cool décor items can turn a simple child’s room to fabulous and fashionable bedrooms adding to pink color tone will certainly inspire your children and have a sweet dream every night.  Like our client who chooses to use two different pink color tones on the walls, one side has a darker pink tone while the other part has lighter pink shade.  As you can see in the photos the room is painted with daring dark and light pink hues a proof that two color shades can pack a punch creating a dramatic and powerful appearance.

PVC Vertical Blinds installed at Ermita Manila

PVC Vertical Blinds installed at Ermita Manila

One thing that you cannot also disregard is finding the most appropriate window treatment for a child’s room that is safe, suitable for child use, efficient and decorative.  For our client she favors to use PVC Vertical Blinds for her daughter window blinds.  PVC Vertical Blinds are one of the most durable, functional and easy to operate blinds that will suit small children.  It is also effective in providing privacy and sunlight protection to help your children to have a long and good sleep without interruption from the sun glare coming from the window.  PVC Vertical Blinds are also one of the most attractive window blinds with lots of different color and pattern available — that is why our client predominantly favored it over other types of blinds.  Using a light pink color for PVC Vertical Blinds blend beautifully with the wall and made her daughter dream bedroom turn into reality a cozy, perfectly pink and comfortable girl’s bedroom.

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