Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Office Windows – Pasig City, Philippines

Looking for window treatment ideas that can improve and lighten up the ambiance of your office? An affordable window cover that offers a unique appearance for your office that is something innovative, durable, easy maintenance, provide privacy and protection from sunlight all together in one window blinds?  These are the requirements that our client in Pasig City needed in their new window blinds and all of their condition is possible when it comes to aluminum mini blinds.

Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Window - Pasig City, Philippines

Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Window – Pasig City, Philippines

Mini Blinds are one of the cheapest window blinds in the market today, but not poor when it comes to quality in fact it’s very proficient for a window treatment. Mini Blinds are the perfect window covering for any kind of room motif from minimalist; traditional to contemporary it’s very adaptable.  In terms of lifetime and durability Mini Blinds are never questionable because it’s well proven by so many people who actually already using it, that’s why it’s a smart choice for both home and office windows. These affordable window covering looks great alone in your window or even together with curtain it can easily blend depending on your color choices. It’s also flexible in covering large windows in fact the maximum width in can cover is 99 inches.

Mini Blinds for Wide Office Windows installed at Pasig City, Philippines

Mini Blinds for Wide Office Windows installed at Pasig City, Philippines

Our client opted for Mini Blinds for their large windows because it’s very affordable, useful and has a lot of great benefits. They also ditch using plain or neutral color and choose something noticeable, eye catching and lively green mini blinds. It’s better to use something colorful for window blinds to lighten up the ambiance in the room and help to boost the energy of the workers.  It also helps to enhance the interior design of their office and a great way to add twist with the color combination. It’s colorful yet green; it’s a very relaxing color and great to match up with different color like the white wall and brown window border. Mini Blinds helps to emphasize their wide windows and also fits very well.

In DS Windows Interior Supply we offer Mini Blinds that are ideal for our client who wants to decorate their windows in an affordable way and with lots of different color and pattern available. For more inquiries please call us at (02) 893-1373 / (02) 403-3262 / 0916-311-3909 or visit our showroom at 2nd level Pacific Mall Lucena City, 3rd level Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City and 4th level Waltermart, Makati City.


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