Why Choose Wood Blinds for your Bedroom?

If being unique is important to you when designing your bedroom then wood blinds is one of the best options.  The major reason for this is that wood blinds is on the higher end of the price range.  Most clients dismiss wood blinds due to its price which is far more expensive than the mini blinds or even vertical blinds.  But if you can shell out a better budget for your window treatment then wood blinds is a great choice.  To compromise for its price, an alternative choice is the faux wood blinds which is made of PVC and is about 25-30% cheaper.

Another reason why wood blinds is unique and uncommon is that most condominium does not allow window treatment other than roller blinds, combi blinds, or curtains and they limit the colors to white and beige.  But if you live in a house, apartment, or subdivisions and want to stand out wood blinds is one to be considered.

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Wood blinds are the classic of fashion.  And classic means it never goes out of style i.e. the perfect description for wood blinds.  They say that wood blinds started in Persia and Egypt, and then brought to Venice where it became popular.  Around 15th century where wood blinds make a debut to the world and became famous also known as Venetian Blinds. The popularity of wood blinds started way back of our time but, still the most elegant blinds you can install in your windows even today.

Classic Wood Blinds For Your Bedroom

Classic Wood Blinds For Your Bedroom

When you choose wood blinds even though the cost is quite high compared to the other window blinds you will surely get the high quality blinds that you deserved and the timeless elegance it has. Wood blinds have this unique charm that offers elegance and comfort feelings.  It’s also a  window treatment of choice for traditional room because of its historic influence, but undeniably beautiful and good match in modern room motif as well. It’s flexible in any room motif and always end up looking impressive, timeless and stylish all the time.

Wood blinds for bedroom

Wood blinds for bedroom

One of our clients chooses to install wood blinds in her bedroom because of its durability and natural beauty. Wood blinds itself can add texture to your room because of the stain on the surface of the blinds help to emphasize the natural grain of the wood that can help to enhance the entire appearance of the bedroom. Even the simplest and effortless room design can be enhanced with wood blinds like for our client room. The wood blinds charm can also help to make the room look more comfortable and even the functions are great for sun protection, provide privacy and has a great light control. Even though it’s slightly more expensive the benefits are better than the other cheaper blinds and the appearance is stunning.

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