Small Office Tips For A Simple But Professional Interior Design

How do you choose the environment that’s best for your team or employees? Forget about asking them and imagine yourself in their position and think about what are the things that will make them feel more comfortable in the office and at the same maintains the professional appearance and ambiance in the room. A well-designed office will surely increase the efficiency of your staff and will affect the overall profitability of your company.

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

There’s a lot of things you can do to create a simple yet professional and comfortable office interior. First of all you must invest with the office furniture within the available budget. There is a lot of different furniture that is inexpensive yet comfortable and can look professional at the same time. Like a large white table that can still look impressive and comes with authoritative ambiance. Using white wall matching with gray carpet is one of the easiest tactic for a simple, modern and professional interior office design. To be honest its nothing new for an office design yet it still popular today because even though it’s a common choice, it still works, well-liked and appear fashionable that’s why our client still favor it.

Small Office Interior Design

Small Office Interior Design

Whether it’s for a small or large office there is nothing wrong with having too much light specially if it’s a natural light in the room. Most of the time natural light is neglected, but it should be one of the major things that need to be considered because it offers a lot of unnoticed benefit in office design. Natural light is one way to boost the productivity and mood of the employee and with light also comes space. For a small office like for our featured client welcoming natural light in the room can also make it seem bigger and also makes the room brighter both in appearance and atmosphere, that’s why it has lots of large windows around the room.  This is especially true if the office is in the 2nd or 3rd floor of a building where you can see the trees or green surroundings directly.

Small Office Window Cover

Small Office Window Cover

You also need to consider that too much light can also make the staff feel uncomfortable, that’s why it’s important to opt for a window treatment that can limit and control the amount of sunlight passing your windows and the same time can help to boost your office interior design. As of today combi blinds is still considered new window treatment in the market, both in residential and commercial area that offers a great light control and at the same time look fashionable and also have an air of professionalism suitable to our client’s office. It can control the amount of sunlight entering your room just enough to brighten up the room without making the people inside feel uncomfortable. Combi blind is one of the most modern blinds today that’s easy to operate, lots of different advantages and easy to maintain.

SME Office Design Ideas

SME Office Design Ideas

Our client also chooses dark choco for the combi blinds color contrast with the white wall paint that looks great together. The contrast of the light color of the wall with dark combi blinds also helps to enhance the room interior and add an energetic ambiance.

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