Bathtub Partition Using French Folding Door with Glass Panel

Bathtub Divider Door

Our french folding doors (also known as accordion doors) are generally used to partition big room into two or more smaller rooms.  It can also be a divider for the living room, dining area, or entertainment room.  But for this particular customer, she used the french type folding door as additional privacy for her bathtub which is a clever idea.  This type of doors looks wood but in fact they are made of hard plastic.  Even the glass are made of plastic but looks real glass. Continue reading

Tips for Taking Care of your PVC Vertical Blinds

In this blog, we are featuring an old customer from 10 years ago circa 2006 that purchased PVC vertical blinds.  Recently, they availed a new set of blinds for their extended house i.e. entertainment area.  Amazingly, we noticed the blinds that we installed several years ago and found it still in very good condition. Continue reading

Presenting the Losa Istanbul Roller Blinds Series

Roller Blinds Losa Istanbul

It’s not unusual that roller blinds are always the first choice when it comes to window covering for commercial areas. Its great functionality and modern appearance that easily fits in any type of interior design makes the most sought after blinds for offices or any type of establishment. Its modern looks that comes in different fabric color can create a stylish ambiance in any business establishment. Its simple yet fashionable appearance, easy to use, easy maintenance, great performance and affordability can all be found in roller blinds. Continue reading

Small Office Tips For A Simple But Professional Interior Design

How do you choose the environment that’s best for your team or employees? Forget about asking them and imagine yourself in their position and think about what are the things that will make them feel more comfortable in the office and at the same maintains the professional appearance and ambiance in the room. A well-designed office will surely increase the efficiency of your staff and will affect the overall profitability of your company.

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

There’s a lot of things you can do to create a simple yet professional and comfortable office interior. First of all you must invest with the office furniture within the available budget. There is a lot of different furniture that is inexpensive yet comfortable and can look professional at the same time. Continue reading

Entertainment Room Interior Design Ideas for Small Areas

Entertainment room now is a popular feature in every home. We all love to get an exclusive room just for entertainment that’s why our client turned one into an entertainment area. Our client wanted to ensure to maximize the square footage of the room to create a comfortable and enjoyable media room for the whole family and guest.

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas

Planning to create an entertainment room in limited space might be difficult yet there are a lot of tricks to make it work. First know what are the first things you need to place in the room and how are you going to position it. For our client he chooses to place a one large leather sofa so more people can sit and at the same time feel comfortable. Continue reading

Playing with Color and Maximizing Space with Vertical Blinds – Pasay City Installation

These days window treatments are not only used to provide privacy and protection from sunlight and heat. Home owners are now also giving credit to the exterior and dramatic look of a window cover and how it can influence and enhance the entire appearance of a room.

One of the most popular window we’ll feature today is Vertical Blinds that’s also available in different colors, texture and pattern design. It’s also one of the most exciting, beautiful and eye-catching window treatments you can ever use because you can personalize the color combination of your vertical slats that will fit to your room motif and personal taste. In fact, one of our clients in Pasay City chooses to install PVC Vertical Blinds using two alternating colors for the bedroom and living room windows.

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Our client wanted a window treatment that can easily fit to their room motif and at the same time attractive, creative and unique. To make it easier to fit in any room motif our client chooses to use a neutral color such as cream and mocca for their PVC Vertical Blinds. Cream and mocca are one of the most flexible and ideal color combinations that can complement any design that perfectly fits to our client living room and bedroom motif.  Continue reading

Why Choose Wood Blinds for your Bedroom?

If being unique is important to you when designing your bedroom then wood blinds is one of the best options.  The major reason for this is that wood blinds is on the higher end of the price range.  Most clients dismiss wood blinds due to its price which is far more expensive than the mini blinds or even vertical blinds.  But if you can shell out a better budget for your window treatment then wood blinds is a great choice.  To compromise for its price, an alternative choice is the faux wood blinds which is made of PVC and is about 25-30% cheaper.

Another reason why wood blinds is unique and uncommon is that most condominium does not allow window treatment other than roller blinds, combi blinds, or curtains and they limit the colors to white and beige.  But if you live in a house, apartment, or subdivisions and want to stand out wood blinds is one to be considered.

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Wood blinds are the classic of fashion.  And classic means it never goes out of style i.e. the perfect description for wood blinds.  They say that wood blinds started in Persia and Egypt, and then brought to Venice where it became popular.  Around 15th century where wood blinds make a debut to the world and became famous also known as Venetian Blinds. The popularity of wood blinds started way back of our time but, still the most elegant blinds you can install in your windows even today. Continue reading

Matching Kitchen Cabinets with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds – Las Pinas City, Philippines

Kitchen is the heart of the home where all the real action really happens, where every celebration such as welcome party, birthday, or any ordinary day’s kitchen is always everyone ends up gathering that’s why our client in Las Pinas City decided to make her kitchen look more comfy, creative and warm.

Emphasize the Beauty of Kitchen with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds - Las Piñas City

Emphasize the Beauty of Kitchen with Light Oak Foam Wood Blinds – Las Piñas City

Getting the best out of your kitchen space while allowing your creativeness to take place is something we all wanted for our kitchen. For our client the limited space of her kitchen doesn’t prevent her to redecorate her place to the way she always wanted a cozy, simple yet sophisticated kitchen that she can move comfortably. The first thing she did is choosing the color of the wall and she pick white which is very common but, it’s really a smart choice cause it can brighten the aura of any room and help to make a small area seem bigger and spacious.  Secondly, choosing a cabinet, which is she choose wood cabinet with the color of oak that provide a striking contrast from the white wall. Cabinets emphasized by vibrant or strong color and beautiful carving can affect a big factor in your interior kitchen. Continue reading

Lessen the Heat in your Sunlit Room with PVC Vertical Blinds – Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

Buying or building a new house is one of the most significant choices that you need to do. To maximize the investment into the new home it is important to be attentive of some potential weather influences. You need to be mindful with sun angle of your window, rainfall and humidity. The direction your windows face plays a critical role that most home owner doesn’t consider or realize at first until they find out later.

PVC Vertical Blinds to Lessen Heat at  Sunlit Room - Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds to Lessen Heat at Sunlit Room – Sun Residences, Quezon City Philippines

One of our clients in Sun Residences, Quezon City who bought a new home has experienced before in their old house that her bedroom window used to be facing west that is where the sun is in its highest point which also means it is the hottest part of the day.  She doesn’t like the heat radiating from her windows that makes her room always feels hot even though the sun is already gone, the warmth still linger in her room. That’s why she made a mental note that in her new house she’ll avoid her windows facing west and instead she chooses to use the east side where the morning sun rise which is more refreshing and bring a perfect temperature to just make her room warm enough. Continue reading

Blackout Roller Shades For Dining Room with Classic Wood Theme – Rosario, Pasig City Philippines

Decorating themes can be a challenge sometimes, but when it’s done right it can make your room or place feel more personal. Although the theme is often applied for kids spaces or rooms like a princess or flower theme for girls or sports car theme for boys, rooms such as dining area or living area is also worthy of a nice theme implementation. Themes sometimes is build/implemented with the type of materials, furniture and choice of color. Having a beautiful theme for your home can make your space open, comfortable and welcoming. The pictures below show is a sample of a classic wood theme from one of our client in Rosario, Pasig City.

Roller Shades for Dining Room with Wood Theme Design- Rosario, Pasig City

Roller Shades for Dining Room with Wood Theme Design- Rosario, Pasig City

As you can see in our featured photo our client here is fond of the classical wood theme. This type of theme has an element of nature that can make your place more soothing.  It also contributes a lot to your interior to make your place gorgeous and rich. Our client also installed blackout roller shades as their window treatment to avoid the direct and too much exposure of sunlight especially during the afternoon. Continue reading