Folding Door to Enhance the Beauty of your Home: Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines

One of the reasons why we love to redecorate our house on our own is that we know what we really need and want in our daily lives. When we get an interior designer or copy a house motif on the internet or a magazine, it can really make the house look more sophisticated and stylish, but it does not always mean that it can create a comfortable sanctuary. For example, the designer suggested putting a glass center table and an expensive figurine or vase, but you have a young child who loves to run around the house, do you really think it is appropriate and wise to follow the interior designer?

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You can have you dream house, but be sure to consider other factors for your family’s safety. Our client in Pateros, Metro Manila opted for Folding Door / Accordion Door for her house and they always make sure that everything is safe for their family. Their family personally selected all the furniture that they have and their interior motif. They used a simple color Folding Door: Beech for their room door. Folding door really looks good and adds unique style and beauty in their interior.

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Accordion Door as Great Choice Room Partition in Taguig, Philippines

Accordion Door is a very flexible means that can be used in so many ways and in different places.  You can find folding door at schools, offices and even residential spaces. Accordion is also popularly used as a room partition especially for those large areas you do not want to permanently separate by concrete wall.

One of our clients in Taguig City who owned a laboratory unit opted for Accordion Door: White Ash as her room partition. She selected Accordion Door with translucent vinyl glass panel, the French type of Accordion door, because of its modish look and the beauty and ambiance it creates for a room.  Its light material makes it easy and quite to operate.

Accordion Door Installation in Taguig City, Philippines

Accordion Door Installation in Taguig City, Philippines

Accordion Door consists of plain, printed and translucent vinyl glass panel, perfect for any room motif. It is also consists of different thickness and width and its prices are very affordable.

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Accordion Door as an Elegant Looking Door: Quezon City, Philippines

In every house, various doors can be found inside. There are doors in every room entrance, bathroom, kitchen, storeroom, walk-in-closet and other rooms within the house. It is very necessary to have doors in every room to have a proper privacy and to separate each room from the others. Nowadays, people are more interested in installing accordion door / folding door rather than swinging door because of various good reasons.

Firstly, accordion door is getting more and more popular.  Accordion Door is more appealing and eye-catching than the other door style. Secondly, it can be used in every part of the house even the smallest room because it saves a lot of space. Thirdly, it makes the house look unique, stylish and elegantly looking and it is very captivating to look at. Fourthly, it is perfect for any weather because it is moisture and heat resistant. Lastly, low maintenance is needed because it is made of PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) and its color does not fade easily and you can wipe it with wet cloth to maintain cleanliness and shininess.


Our client in Quezon City opted for accordion door for her room. She wanted to make her room look beautiful and perfect in and out that is why she uses accordion door to make her door more appealing and elegant.

DS Windows & Walls’ offers different types of accordion door – regular, deluxe, deluxe special and French.  We also offer different custom-made window treatments that will suit for your windows perfectly.

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PVC Accordion Door For A Small Walk-in Pantry At Malate, Manila, Philippines

Pantry is a small room inside the house where food items, plates and dishes, groceries and other kitchen tools are stored. There are several ways in designing this storeroom whether it is for indoors or outdoors. Pantry is not only used for keeping kitchen necessities, but can be storage of any other basic materials like wines and porcelain. If you have a large house with large rooms, there is no problem, but if you have a small house, you can build your pantry outside the house or use the smallest room as your walk-in pantry.

In designing your pantry, having a cabinet or shelves is the best way to design it. With the use of cabinets or shelves, you can properly organize the things you needed. If you have a small room, it is very advisable to use a wall shelves or wall cabinets to occupy less space. For the pantry doors, you may opt to use PVC Accordion Door for you to access easily your small pantry room.

Deluxe Beech Accordion Door Installation at Malate, Manila, Philippines

Deluxe Beech Accordion Door Installation at Malate, Manila, Philippines

PVC Accordion Door is also known as folding door and when you open it, you can fold it to either one-way side or both sides. In this way, you can have an easily access to your pantry without being bothered by the large space it occupies when opening just like traditional hinged doors. Our client from Malate, Manila opted to use Deluxe Beech PVC Accordion Door for his small walk-in pantry. It really helps him whenever he is in a hurry getting those things he needs.

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PVC Accordion Door for Kitchen Sink Area: Las Piñas City, Philippines

We always prefer a kitchen sink that gives a chic looks to our kitchen and the one that is easy to work with. We commonly cover that area in which pipes of the faucet was located and most of us use wood to cover it. However, using wood door may be easily damage by dry rot especially when it gets wet daily.

Using a PVC Accordion Door is much more durable than using wood door. Since Accordion Door is made of PVC, a kind of plastic that has water and fire resistant, it is much advisable to use. Moreover, it can also give your kitchen an elegant look in an affordable manner. Our client in Las Piñas City, Philippines has wooden door covers under her kitchen sink. However, in a long run dry rot became her problem that’s why she opted to use Teak Deluxe Accordion Door for it.

Teak Deluxe Accordion door

Accordion Door Installation in Las Pinas City, Philippines

PVC Accordion Door is very useful in many ways. It can be a cabinet door, a partition of a room, a shower room door, closet door and many other interior doors. In DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply, we offer three kinds of accordion door that will suit to your needs: Regular, Deluxe and French. We are after not only to the elegant look it gives, but also for its durability.

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French Accordion Door in turning an old-type stock room to a stylish and sophisticated look – Cavite City, Philippines

In our house, there is a place or room that we just use as scrapyards of our unused belongings that we think that we might still use in the near future. This place is commonly called as our stock room or warehouse. It can be located in the backyard of a house or sometimes in a vacant room of a house and that simple stock room can also be looked elegant and be appreciated.


When your stock room is located at the back of your house, there’s no problem with that. The important thing is that when your stock room is located inside your house wherein your guests may pay attention when only curtains will serve as its door cover. In this kind of situation, you could use French Accordion Door. This may be more expensive compared to deluxe and regular type of accordion door but you can assure its quality, durability and its stylish look towards your stock room. Our client from Cavite City, Philippines turned his old-type stock room to an elegant, stylish and sophisticated look stock room using the French Accordion Door. Our client chose French Cedar for the color of the frame and Beveled Clear A for the glass. It makes his stock room appears more neat and well-designed as to with his house.


In DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply, you can have four choices of colors and nine glass design choices for French Accordion Door. You can also decide if you want split type control or just one way control. You are also free to combine any kind of glass design you want. Accordion doors cannot only be used as doors but also as room dividers. We also offers roller blinds,  Venetian blinds, PVC vertical blinds and other window treatments.

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