Accordion PVC Door: A Practical Choice for Stairway Doors – Filinvest Antipolo City

Installing doors at the bottom of the stairs is normal if it’s leading to the attic, but it’s unusual if it is used in typical stairs going up at the upper floor so in this case a folding door is a practical choice.  One of our clients in Filinvest East, Antipolo City opted for folding door in their stairway. The cherry wood color of the folding door compliments the wooden piano and railings.  At first glance, the folding door looks like real beautiful wood but this door is made up of PVC and much lighter yet durable.  Unlike real wood it is not prone to damage due to termites and other pests.  It is also easier to install and customize for any type of openings.

Accordion Door For Stairway Doors Antipolo City

ter Accordion Door For Stairway Doors Antipolo City

Our customer wanted to close the stairs for their children’s safety and avoid the accident of falling. Some might use baby gates or half door to prevent the children in climbing the stairs, but they find it more practical to use than a real door so they don’t need to discard it if the children grow up.  It somehow also contributes to the beauty of their house and a little unique because it looks more like another room when it’s close. They also choose folding door to save space and to avoid bumping into one another if two person use the stairs coming in both directions. When it comes to price folding door is still the most sensible option because it’s inexpensive and the durability is recommended.

Accordion PVC Type Door Installed in Filinvest Antipolo

Accordion PVC Type Door Installed in Filinvest Antipolo

Different color and design of Folding Door are available in DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply. You can email us at or call us at (02) 403-3262, (02) 668-9668, (02)893-1373 and 0916-311-3909 for any inquiry. You can also visit our shop located at 4th level Waltermart Makati, 3rd level Robinson Metro East Pasig City and 2nd level Pacific Mall Lucena City.


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