Combi Blinds Makes A Simple Bedroom Apartment Look Appealing – Palanan, Makati Installation

Are you living in an apartment? Living in an apartment can be thrilling and fun, especially if this is the first time you’re moving out of your parent’s house and living alone or starting a new family. While others might find it difficult to decorate because most apartments have different policies to be followed that some feel restricted to explore and design their own place.  Some have lots of regulation involving the visual aspect of an apartment that give you limited options when it comes to decorating your house.

Combi Blinds Creates An Appealing Look For Simple Bedroom - Makati

Combi Blinds Creates An Appealing Look For Simple Bedroom – Makati

Most of the apartment rules are limited when it comes to wall color that usually only permits the tenant to use only light color like white, light beige and off white just like our clients in Palanan, Makati. Our client use off white paint and opted for khaki color Combi blinds as window cover. To produce a beautiful design with your own taste for your apartment home with limited choice, our client chooses to match the light wall and darker Combi blinds for a color combination that creates an appealing look for his bedroom.

The good thing about combi blinds is that it is a currently trending fashion that by simply putting one in your small bedroom can already beautify your small apartment bedroom by a large margin.  You don’t necessarily need to hire interior designer or have a very creative mind to beautify your house.  Simple ideas such as knowing what’s trending and what’s fashionable can make a lot of difference to ones home or bedroom apartment.

Combi Blinds Installed in Apartment Bedroom - Palanan, Makati

Combi Blinds Installed in Apartment Bedroom – Palanan, Makati

Choosing Combi blinds also offer a different advantage not just for additional beautification but also it offers light control and privacy. It has lots of colors and design available too, that’s given you a lot of choices that will surely suit your home design. You can email DS Windows & Walls at or call us at (02) 403-3262, (02) 668-9668, (02)893-1373 and 0916-311-3909 for any inquiry. You can also visit our shop located at 4th level Waltermart Makati, 3rd level Robinson Metro East Pasig City and 2nd level Pacific Mall Lucena City.


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