Bathtub Partition Using French Folding Door with Glass Panel

Our french folding doors (also known as accordion doors) are generally used to partition big room into two or more smaller rooms.  It can also be a divider for the living room, dining area, or entertainment room.  But for this particular customer, she used the french type folding door as additional privacy for her bathtub which is a clever idea.  This type of doors looks wood but in fact they are made of hard plastic.  Even the glass are made of plastic but looks real glass.

She specifically chose the T2 type glass that is not clear but not too opaque since you can still see the silhouette from the outside.  Our french folding door can be customized with a lot of different other glasses.  These glasses can also be replaced by louver type or embossed for maximum privacy.  You can also choose to have some portions (e.g. 50%) as glass and some portions as louver.

Bathtub Divider Door

Bathtub Divider Door

Another reason, aside from the privacy reason, as to why it’s rather clever to have this in her bathtub is that it will prevent water and detergents to spill over on the floor and we all know that everybody wants a dry clean bathroom floor.  It actually acts as a shower curtain only more elegant and fashionable.  It is also a lot better than shower curtain when it comes to maintenance since stain are easier to remove in PVC plastic.  However, unlike shower curtain, it needs a more solid and sturdier top frame where the roller railing will hang onto.  You can choose to have an aluminum frame, or if you like a colored frame then choose wooden frame.  For bathtub purposes, aluminum is better since it is more water-resistant.

Bathroom French Door with Glass Panel

Bathroom French Door with Glass Panel

If you don’t need the door, like when it’s time to clean up the bathroom, you can simply push the door towards the wall and it will glide easily to open up the space.

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