PVC Vertical Blinds For Green Color Themed Dining Area

One of the most popular do-it-yourself designs for a dining area is using color schemes theme. One of our client in Marikina which we’re featuring in this article used green color pattern with different hues in their dining room. Anyone can create color scheme, but not everybody can make it work and accomplish something beautiful with the right balance of color combination. Some even end up a disaster by overdoing it with wrong color arrangement and matching.

PVC vertical blinds green theme dining room

To avoid any catastrophe, firstly, select a color for your dining area with inspirational color combination with different tones that will suit one another. Think about the ambiance that you would generate and consider about the size of the area and whether you need to use color to visually enlarge the room or to make it feel more comfortable and intimate. Also decide whether you will go with monochromatic or use different vibrant colors. In addition, pick a color theme that complements the elements you won’t be replacing for a long time such as dining area flooring, granite or marble counter-top, built-in cabinets or your heirloom furnishing.

As you can see in the photos, our featured client used monochromatic strategy using green color with a little touch of brown, gray and white in some areas. Green is one of the most relaxing and refreshing color out there. It’s a natural color – bright and timeless, always stylish and inviting. It can easily complement well with modern interior and contemporary design. Green can also mix well with wood finishes, brown, gray, white and even blue shades. It’s very flexible that’s why it’s no wonder our client choose green as their dining room color theme.

Green theme dining room PVC vertical blinds

They used several green hues with touch of other colors to prevent going overboard. For the table, they also use lighter green tones in its surrounding that match well with the gray marble counter-top. Lighter green hue is also used for the ceiling that beautifully contrast the dark gray flooring. While for the wall lower borderline they use a little strong green hue same with the window frame. For the finishing touch they opted for green PVC Vertical blinds that supports the overall green color theme dining room beautifully.

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