Roller Blinds for Businesses To Complement Decorative Tints: Pasay Philippines

For today’s featured customer, we’re presenting roller blinds installation in Pasay City for one of our business customer.  This particular customer initially only have window tint with an etching of their business name and logo.  However, depending on your business location, most of the time tints are not enough to reject the heat and light coming from the outside.


This is particularly true for this customer since their chosen tint is only the foggy or frosted type. They installed decorative tints instead of the type that really blocks the ultraviolet light e.g. 3M tints or window films. These decorative tints are actually good enough for privacy but not really very good in blocking heat and sunlight. One of the main advantages of decorative tints is that it provides some style and design but not necessarily to provide heat and light protection.

Roller blinds is the window covering that complements well with decorative tints like in the featured photos. Whenever there’s no sunlight like when its rainy outside, one can just roll up the blinds all the way up and the decorative tints will provide a degree of privacy just enough to show that the business is open in the inside. However, when sunlight is at its hottest, especially during noon time, one can just close the blinds to any desired position.


Our client also selected a gray blackout roller blinds to ensure that a complete blocking of heat/light and total privacy can be achieved when needed.  It is also worth noting, that roller blinds (just like the decorative tint logo etching) can also be printed with logos and photos but our clients are the one that will do the printing. We’ll just provide you with the pre-cut fabric as canvass for printing. After handing back to us, we’ll complete the roller blinds assembly and resume its installation to your site.

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