Combi Blinds : An Alternative to Curtains and Its Functional Purpose to Your Homes

May it be for decorating and other convenient purposes, clients usually tend to go for products that are easy to use and require less maintenance. Take combi blinds for example. This type of blinds is very stylish and is now preferable to curtains. Also, these trendy combi blinds are now fitting to any type of interior, having various styles to choose from and are very much customizable as according to client’s light intake preferences.

Curtain alternative: the combi blinds

Curtains are still often the first choice when it comes to covering and enhancing a room’s atmosphere and appearance. But with the uprise of the use of window blinds and its varying types, clients now have another useful alternative for the traditional curtain use. Focusing on combi blinds as this alternative, let’s have a look to the pros of its use.

Combi blinds: function and purpose

One advantage of these combi blinds is that these are easy to upkeep because it doesn’t require washing and can be cleaned simply with the use of a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. It isn’t untidy to look at because it access less dirt and if it does, dirt isn’t very visible unlike curtains with prominent smudges or stains. Another thing is that it can block distasteful insects and is a type of roll up blinds where mosquitoes cannot live. Also, the materials that make up combi blinds are more durable, long lasting and are classy and aesthetic.

What makes combi blinds different from the other types of blinds is that it is made up of alternating solid and sheer or stripe parts. And this factor allows a more flexible light adjustment. Whether clients want the room bright, a little dim or completely blocked from sunlight, they will be able to customize shades of light intake with these dual shade blinds. And whichever shade of light intake a room has, these combi blinds greatly contribute to how the room appears. This means that combi blinds contribute in maintaining any chic look that a client chose for the room.

Combi blinds as alternative for home curtains

Looking at our featured product from one of our clients, it is eminent that combi blinds created a lasting effect that makes the rooms cool and chilly, regardless of the light preference. The alternating dark and light brown parts of the combi blinds went well with the dirty white-pure white scheme of the rooms. Now, it is evident that the blinds created a character and a unique vibe for the room, making it appear simply stylish but aesthetic. Aside from this, the combi blinds also proved its part in providing privacy and isolation to a room.

Nowadays, it is practical to opt for alternatives that will make one’s life easier yet functional. With combi blinds or zebra blinds, one can decorate an interior while also benefiting from its other conventional purposes. It doesn’t end there because combi blinds still have its own types and varied styles for clients to choose from.

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