Difference between PVC Vertical and Fabric Vertical Blinds

In this blog we’ll discuss the difference between PVC and Fabric vertical blinds. Both of these type of blinds are vertically oriented. It both consist of blades that are attached at the railing using a type of hook. It is also operated using the same fashion. The first is by pulling a cord to change the angle of the blade thereby controlling the amount of light entering your room. The second is to pull another string to move all the blades to the left or to the right depending on your preference.  When it comes to designs, both PVC and fabric vertical blinds have a wide selection of beautiful designs.

Fabric Vertical Blinds sun blocking ability

The difference between the two are the material used. PVC vertical blinds, like its name, is made of a type of durable but light plastic. Fabric vertical blinds, like the name suggest, is made of thick fabric. The above photo is selected to demonstrate how light penetrates a fabric vertical blinds. Unlike PVC as you will see later, it can give a bit of light in the room even if it is totally closed. This, to some people, is preferable especially in the living room or kitchen where there are not much sense to block all light 100%.

PVC Vertical Blinds sun blocking ability

The above photo shows PVC vertical blinds and how it blocks sunlight when it’s closed. As you can notice, it blocks the light more effectively than the fabric vertical blinds. It still allows some light but significantly better than the fabric type. Also, PVC is better in insulating heat. So not only it blocks light better, it can also block heat better than it’s counterpart. Sometimes, we advise customers to opt for PVC type if their window is facing the west or east side. Then, we advise the fabric vertical blinds when their window is facing the north or south side when there are no potential direct sunlight. When it come to privacy, the PVC vertical blinds is a bit more effective than the fabric.

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