Venetian Blinds are Most Flexible for Inside Mounting : Manila Installation

Inside mounting of window blinds or even curtains are more technical than outside mounting when it comes to measurement and installation. For most window blinds like roller or combi blinds, at least 3 inches of depth is needed for a fully recessed finish. If protruded installation is acceptable, at least 2.5 inches of depth is required. However, for venetian blinds (aka mini blinds) only 1 inch is required to fully recess it in an inside mounting installation.

There are several cases where inside mounting the blinds is not possible because the depth is too narrow so the only possible solution is to outside mount it.

But like this article suggest, another alternative is to switch to venetian blinds which are more versatile than other types. There are also cases where the ceiling is hard to reach especially if there are structural beams obstructing the ceiling. Then in these cases, venetian blinds can also be an option. However, if the window depth is less than one inch then outside mounting is always a nice alternative.

Inside mounting a venetian blinds is not only practical in some setting it also looks clean and fresh. There is beauty in its simplicity. The above photo is such an example from a client in Manila. Typically, you would want the blinds go from top to bottom of the window. However, for this installation, the client opted to install half of the window inside mounted and second half inside mounted as well. The visible beams in effect is visible which creates a more intricate overall appearance as opposed to one large panel.

The narrow depth of the venetian blinds also allowed the roller blinds to be installed along side it (as seen on top). So if the client wants to really eliminate the light outside, then he can just close the roller blinds in addition to the venetian blinds at the back. Another good example is the photo below, where the narrow depth of the mini blinds allowed curtains to be installed on its front which by the way looks really good.

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