Accordion Doors Kitchen Partition Ideas : Mandaluyong installation

Kitchens in households serve as a very busy and functional place, especially if family members are to prepare meals and snacks multiple times in a day. When spaces allotted for kitchens are minimal, clients are to find ways to still create partitions between such and other parts of the house. Our Mandaluyong client had accordion doors installed to create such divisions and give the interior a neater impression. 

Accordion doors are stackable and flexible doors installed to create partitions between one room and another. These are composed of easily folded sections which can be stacked on one side if the user prefers. It can also be stretched to its full extent if the client prefers that two rooms are separated either for convenience, privacy or security.

Aside from the practical convenience of these doors, it also contributes to bringing focus and attention to certain areas in an interior. If its panels are stacked on one side, accordion doors serve its purpose in saving space and keeping two areas neat-looking. But if it is open and creates a partition, one can easily see the details and focus on a specific area without worrying about the space the accordion doors take. 

Accordion doors for kitchens is a practical idea so that however the state of the kitchen is, such can be easily covered and conveniently parted from the other parts of the house. Such divisions may also be helpful if the client prefers a different style for the kitchen and another style for the living room or receiving area. This only means that these types of doors allow adaptability and diversifies the styles preferred by house owners. 

The kitchen partition idea from our Mandaluyong client is one that is very convenient. Certainly, potential clients can learn from it, especially if their house’s structure is identical to that of our Mandaluyong installation. As portrayed below, the accordion doors prove useful in dividing the crammed up kitchen area from the rest of the house. This way, occupants will not be distracted by the jam-packed kitchen and the interior can still have an overall clean and pleasing impression, not only for house members but also for guests.

Because kitchens are places for cooking and washing dishes, accordion doors help so that the smell and vapor from such only lightly affect the rest of the house. Such also contribute so that dirt from the kitchen will not largely spread throughout the lounge or living room. In terms of safety, separating the kitchen area from the dining or receiving room also creates a division of the different materials, equipment or tools for the different functions of such rooms. This means that such a kitchen partition can help house members not to be confused or avoid misplacing which belongs in the kitchen and which do not. 

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