Roll Up Blinds Sunscreen Instead of Blackout to Permit More Light

Identifying which type of blinds would match an interior’s color, design and furniture is the first factor and one of the most crucial when purchasing for one’s home or office. But often overlooked are the blinds’ components and structure as well as appropriateness of such to external surroundings. In today’s article, we will be venturing into the openness factor of blinds, specifically for our client who opted for sheer roll up blinds instead of blackout ones to permit more light. 

Roll up blinds are a single fabric blind with a casing and a cord at the top of a window which allows the rolling up or rolling down of such blinds. With its various sizes and designs, a single roll up blinds can be used for a large window or more than one of these blinds may be utilized for such size. These types of blinds are also great for smaller windows like those located in kitchens or bathrooms. 

Sheer blinds give a transparent or see-through effect, therefore allowing more light and heat to enter a room. Blackout blinds or curtains give the opposite impression because it completely blocks off light from entering. In areas like the living room and dining table plus the green and refreshing garden view outside, these sheer roll up blinds go as the better option. This installation of roller shades proves more appropriate versus blackout curtains as it allows more light, gives the room a brighter but cooler look and a good view of the home scenery outside. 

Openness factor refers to how tightly the materials of the blinds are weaved because such affect how much light enters through the fabric. In other words, this factor pertains to the percentage of the amount of light that enters because of the nature of the open space in the fabric and weaved materials in blinds. Percentages in the openness factor range from 1%, 3%, 5% and even 7% to 10%. The higher the percentage, the larger the amount of light allowed to penetrate an interior. The lower the percentage, on the other hand, means that the blinds are more tightly woven.

In this particular installation, the openness factor is evidently ranging from 3% to 5% as the sheer materials allows a view of the outside and more light to enter the room. It proved to be the better choice because it provided the room with natural lighting and went well with the interior preferences of the client. Such an effect would not be as good or effective if the client opted for blackout curtains. 

With all those established, you may be able to mix and match your choice of sheer roll up blinds with various sunscreen types available through this link:

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