Dark Blackout and Sunscreen Roller Blinds: Mandaluyong Project

With the advancements today, room tools and enhancements typically include innovative and energy-efficient shades. Though blinds are known to go all the way back to when the Romans made their use famous, it is still one of the contemporary solutions to room decor. For this blog, we shall venture into not just one type of blind but into the two most contrasting blinds, blackout and sunscreen roller blinds, for our Mandaluyong client.

Blackout blinds, most apparent by their name, provide 100% coverage for interiors. This is the best option if users aim for privacy and total sunlight blockage. Waverly (2017) clarified that there are two kinds of blackout blinds. The first one is the dim-out blinds which have fabric inside a casing to ensure that absolutely no light passes through and are used for places that require complete protection from outside light. The product being discussed today is the second one, the blackout blinds. These blackout blinds are standard roller blinds with an opaque fabric that blocks out the light but with some light leakages on the side. 

Sunscreen blinds provide a very different purpose compared to blackout blinds. These mesh fabrics are best-known insulators and protect from ultraviolet rays. Because of its insulation properties, homes or offices can be kept cooler in the summer, and with its glare protection properties, clients can avoid damage to appliances and furniture. Sunscreen blinds also provide privacy, especially during the day, because bystanders outside would not be able to see the interior through these.

Proceeding to our installation, blackout bedroom blinds are the best way to go because of the privacy it provides. As for our Mandaluyong client, the bedspacer’s security is guaranteed because the blackout blinds cover the whole window from the outside view. The color also matches the room itself and harbors a minimalist style.

The project for sunscreen blinds is also very effective because these are installed for an office with employees using lots of computers. Having blinds that provide regulated sunlight protection would help employees avoid too much eye strain from computers because the room allows some natural light from outside. This is a better scenario because every once in a while, the workers can rest their eyes properly with natural lighting after working hours in front of their devices.

The products featured belong to the Roller Group 1, specifically the T3507 Black. These blackout and sunscreen blinds for officers and homes have colors we can categorize into off-white shades, two-tones and textured shades with colors ranging from off-white to bolder hues like red and blue. More of them can be browsed here: https://www.carpet.com.ph/filter/roller-shades/roller-group-1/page/4/.

For more information on our dark roller binds call us at (02) 8403-3262, (02) 8893-1373 or 0916-311-3909. Email us at inquiry@dswindows or visit our mall stores listed in the contact section.


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