Fabric Vertical Blinds for Commercial Establishments and Offices: Makati Project

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Filipinos sought ways to earn money and sustain their living. Business World (2022) cited that micro, small, and medium enterprises rose to more than a million or by 13% during the health crisis. This uptrend led to 2.2 million Filipinos having a job. New businesses greet us everywhere we go with trendy products and services. For this article, we shall look into the usefulness of vertical fabric blinds to establishments and offices and dive into installing such for our Makati clients.

Unlike the other types of blinds, vertical blinds have vertical panels and can be moved sideways instead of rolling them up or down. However, like the other blinds, these also offer users excellent security and privacy. It is flexible because one can easily adjust the vertical slats from light to full coverage. Because Clients can move it from one side to another, vertical fabric blinds are a good option for rooms having sliding doors. It will be more convenient because users won’t have to move the blinds all the time. These traits also contribute to how blinds can enhance a commercial space operating a business.

Because of today’s trends and the ins and outs, keeping a commercial establishment presentable is one of the top priorities of entrepreneurs. Most businesses are committed and value their customers’ experience, so keeping everything neat and aesthetic is a must. One of the most beneficial interior tools is blinds. One can be surprised at how functional and ornamental these vertical blinds can be.

Looking at our Makati project, the vertical fabric blinds were just the right balance of neat and classy. Even though it’s in a plain shade, it complemented the office interior. The blinds also gave the room full outside light protection and coverage. Even with muted tones, vertical blinds are still a good choice for mixing and matching room decor (Make My Blinds, 2021). It is also noteworthy to add that the green tones from the indoor plants added style to the overall interior. Office Reality (2021) advises that bringing in greenery in the office brings more life to the environment and even contributes to providing cleaner air in the space.

At another installation, we see customers using vertical blinds to cover the sliding doors. As mentioned earlier, these vertical hangings are the best way to go for these patio doors since moving them to the side is simple, and users don’t have to adjust them repeatedly. This also infers that vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain because they can be put aside when not used. 

Today’s product is the V8203 Gray from the Fabric Vertical Group 1. Other colors include beige, pink, gray, blue, choco, and charcoal. More of these can be seen in this link: https://www.carpet.com.ph/fabric-vertical-blinds/fabric-vertical-group-1/

For more information on our great selection on Fabric Vertical Blinds visit our mall stores or you can also call us at (02) 8403-3262, (02) 8893-1373 or 0916-311-3909. Email us at inquiry@dswindows.com.


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