LOSA Trilogy for Multi-Colored Combi Blinds : Pasay Installation

Home decorating has been an integral part of maintaining our homes orderly and pleasing. As more home decor evolved and has been innovated, designing interiors also came with more possibilities and styles. For this blog, we shall feature our LOSA Vanity and LOSA Trilogy multi-colored blinds as the highlight of our Pasay Installation.

LOSA blinds or combi-blinds are known for their alternating solid and sheer parts. With this trait alone, these types of blinds are best for flexible light intake adjustments and for enhancing windows and overall room impression. Although there are sheer parts, it still provides a good cover from sunlight. If one opts to completely block off light from outside, they only need to roll down the solid portion. And if a good view of the outside is desired, the sheer parts may be used or the whole blinds set can be rolled up.

Aside from these points, it must also be highlighted how these LOSA blinds are also conveniently customizable. These may come in multi-colored blinds appropriate for different kinds of interiors. Like in our Pasay installation of combi blinds, the blue and white combination of colors matched well with the house’s appliances, furniture and overall style. It gave the room a sophisticated air and the blinds looked an inherent part of the client’s home.

To further elaborate on our product, it is essential to say that these are from the LOSA Vanity and LOSA Trilogy Collection. The LOSA Vanity (V600) for the client’s bedroom came with elegant patterns appropriate to the interior and made the room seem cooler. This is because of the cool to neutral shades of the blinds. This series also comes with lighter, brighter colors such as khaki, vanity, beige, wine and gray. 

Meanwhile, LOSA Pleated Trinity (P800) for the living room definitely gave it a blue and white moodboard aesthetic which is appealing both to family members and visitors. The blinds matched the sofa, office table and chairs excellently and even gave it a smooth, modern finish. These multi-colored models also come in shades of green, white and brown with combinations that customers can choose from. 

On a totally different note, another option for multi-colored blinds is our LOSA Trilogy T600. The difference between this one and those discussed above is that the LOSA T600 is plain and not pleated. Pleated blinds are better insulators and when pulled up, they sit flat on top. These also provide more solid sunlight protection unlike plain blinds. 

Despite these differences, each has its own pros and cons and it is almost always up to the client to choose which will best fit their home. 

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