Green Carpet Roll Project for Bar and Restaurant : Makati Installation

For most middle class to upper classmen in the Philippines, eating out is a customary form of socializing either with friends or close family members. This makes dining in fast food chains or eateries a common experience among Filipinos. Such also causes heavy foot traffic in restaurants, making cleaning and maintaining the area an everyday necessity. Today, we feature one of our clients, Makati restaurant, and our green carpet installation for their customer area.

Carpet rolls are one of the most common choices for interior flooring. These may cushion possible falls or trips and reduce the degree of injuries among room spacers. Such are one of the most cost-effective choices and with regular and proper maintenance, these may last for longer periods.

Carpet rolls provide both functional and ornamental benefits for any interior. For one, carpet rolls provide security from slips and potential falls. Because restaurants are places where dishes and drinks are served, spills are inevitable. Other types of floorings like tiles constitute the risk of being slippery, therefore,  more prone to accidents. With carpets, even with the occurrence of food spills, accidents are more likely avoided or minimized.

Moreover, carpet rolls also improve the quality of air in an interior. These carpets have dirt trapping qualities and these can absorb other particles as well. With less dirt and pollution around, customers can enjoy dining more thoroughly without the worry of odor and unpleasant environment. It is also helpful to recall that carpets have insulation properties. These can keep the air warmer during colder seasons and can keep the room colder during warmer weathers. 

Aside from this, carpets are also known to reduce noise pollution. Carpets can absorb unnecessary noises and even enhance acoustics in an enclosed space. This would likely enhance the overall dining experience of customers and improve their experience with the restaurant. An improved experience with the dining can encourage customers to return and even regularly purchase from them.

The installation of green carpet rolls for NIWA Restaurant complemented their neon green and pink lights and interior. This consistency in branding helps them make their mark among customers. Through this matching colors and schemes, the establishment can be easily remembered by dining clients and will help them increase their social media presence and be more visible online.

This specific green carpet roll is the SD60 leaf green model. This specific carpet roll is also available in other shades of green such as the SD65 Emerald and in other colors such as the SD53 Charcoal, SD50 Light Gray, SD44 Navy Blue, SD37 Midnight Blue, SD45 Violet, SD83 Plumish Tint and many more. 

For more information on our carpet rolls visit our mall showrooms or call us at (02) 8403-3262, (02) 8893-1373, or 0916-311-3909. Email us at


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