Bedroom Curtains with Sheer for Better Privacy: Makati Project

The city life entails full-packed and busy days for urban citizens may it be because of work, school, traffic or other occupying agendas. With this, customers highly value their rest and to have proper rest also means having a proper environment for such purpose. This is where our sheer bedroom curtains come in. Our featured product today are bedroom curtains with sheer for our Makati client and we shall dive in as to how these covers provide comfort, privacy and security, all in one. 

One may argue that sheer curtains fit living rooms more because of its lightness and because such provide a smooth jump from indoor to outdoor views. While this stands true, let us also explore in this article how curtains with sheer are equally appropriate for bedrooms too. So moving on to our first point, sheer curtains work best for bedrooms because its structure is made to provide rooms with privacy.

Bedroom curtains with sheer

Sheer curtains are made out of materials that allow the maximum transmission of light. While these materials allow the maximum amount of sunlight possible, they also serve as diffusers and filter the harmful UV rays to provide protection, not only for room spacers but for furniture and appliances as well. These curtains also soften the light that comes from outside, thus, also regulating the amount of sunlight that can enter a room. 

Because of all of these compositions, sheer curtains are looked into as the best of its kind when it comes to privacy because it allows the people inside a proper view of the outside but prevents the onlookers from outside to see what is inside a room. Such a characteristic is great when it comes to bedrooms because such a place should be private and secured. 

Now proceeding to its ornamental benefits, sheer curtains evidently goes well with however clients prefer their interiors to be. Because of its light materials and excellent weave, bedroom sheer curtains provide a simple and classic look to a room. Aside from this, it is also one type of curtain that provides movement because its material is easily carried by the breeze. With this, an elegant impression is made upon an interior and such also makes a room look relatively taller than it actually is. 

Additionally, it is also essential to note that sheer curtains go well whether independently or whether paired with other types of curtains. This shows that such can be flexibly used and adaptable to many styles and designs.

Curtains for bedroom

Going to our Makati installation of bedroom curtains with sheer, the sheer fabric is paired with parallel earth tone colors that made the bedroom look neater and sophisticated. It is notable to mention that the matching of colors gave the area a minimal yet classic look and made the interior warmer and neat-looking at the same time. 

This bedroom curtains with sheer as portrayed in the photos above belongs in our Athena Model. These are made from 100% polyester which are durable and relatively easy to maintain. It has a soft blackout feature and is available in the colors ivory, cream, brown, taupe, charcoal and gray. 

For more information on our curtains with sheer you may call us at (02) 8403-3262, (02) 8893-1373, 0916-311-3909 or email us at You may also visit our mall stores.


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