Presenting the Losa Istanbul Roller Blinds Series

Roller Blinds Losa Istanbul

It’s not unusual that roller blinds are always the first choice when it comes to window covering for commercial areas. Its great functionality and modern appearance that easily fits in any type of interior design makes the most sought after blinds for offices or any type of establishment. Its modern looks that comes in different fabric color can create a stylish ambiance in any business establishment. Its simple yet fashionable appearance, easy to use, easy maintenance, great performance and affordability can all be found in roller blinds. Continue reading

Small Office Tips For A Simple But Professional Interior Design

How do you choose the environment that’s best for your team or employees? Forget about asking them and imagine yourself in their position and think about what are the things that will make them feel more comfortable in the office and at the same maintains the professional appearance and ambiance in the room. A well-designed office will surely increase the efficiency of your staff and will affect the overall profitability of your company.

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

Small Office Combi Blinds Window Cover

There’s a lot of things you can do to create a simple yet professional and comfortable office interior. First of all you must invest with the office furniture within the available budget. There is a lot of different furniture that is inexpensive yet comfortable and can look professional at the same time. Continue reading

Entertainment Room Interior Design Ideas for Small Areas

Entertainment room now is a popular feature in every home. We all love to get an exclusive room just for entertainment that’s why our client turned one into an entertainment area. Our client wanted to ensure to maximize the square footage of the room to create a comfortable and enjoyable media room for the whole family and guest.

Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas

Planning to create an entertainment room in limited space might be difficult yet there are a lot of tricks to make it work. First know what are the first things you need to place in the room and how are you going to position it. For our client he chooses to place a one large leather sofa so more people can sit and at the same time feel comfortable. Continue reading

Playing with Color and Maximizing Space with Vertical Blinds – Pasay City Installation

These days window treatments are not only used to provide privacy and protection from sunlight and heat. Home owners are now also giving credit to the exterior and dramatic look of a window cover and how it can influence and enhance the entire appearance of a room.

One of the most popular window we’ll feature today is Vertical Blinds that’s also available in different colors, texture and pattern design. It’s also one of the most exciting, beautiful and eye-catching window treatments you can ever use because you can personalize the color combination of your vertical slats that will fit to your room motif and personal taste. In fact, one of our clients in Pasay City chooses to install PVC Vertical Blinds using two alternating colors for the bedroom and living room windows.

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Playing with color with vertical blinds

Our client wanted a window treatment that can easily fit to their room motif and at the same time attractive, creative and unique. To make it easier to fit in any room motif our client chooses to use a neutral color such as cream and mocca for their PVC Vertical Blinds. Cream and mocca are one of the most flexible and ideal color combinations that can complement any design that perfectly fits to our client living room and bedroom motif.  Continue reading

Why Choose Wood Blinds for your Bedroom?

If being unique is important to you when designing your bedroom then wood blinds is one of the best options.  The major reason for this is that wood blinds is on the higher end of the price range.  Most clients dismiss wood blinds due to its price which is far more expensive than the mini blinds or even vertical blinds.  But if you can shell out a better budget for your window treatment then wood blinds is a great choice.  To compromise for its price, an alternative choice is the faux wood blinds which is made of PVC and is about 25-30% cheaper.

Another reason why wood blinds is unique and uncommon is that most condominium does not allow window treatment other than roller blinds, combi blinds, or curtains and they limit the colors to white and beige.  But if you live in a house, apartment, or subdivisions and want to stand out wood blinds is one to be considered.

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Why Choose Wood Blinds for Bedroom

Wood blinds are the classic of fashion.  And classic means it never goes out of style i.e. the perfect description for wood blinds.  They say that wood blinds started in Persia and Egypt, and then brought to Venice where it became popular.  Around 15th century where wood blinds make a debut to the world and became famous also known as Venetian Blinds. The popularity of wood blinds started way back of our time but, still the most elegant blinds you can install in your windows even today. Continue reading

Enjoy the View and Make More Space with Sunscreen Roller Blinds – Makati City

Have you ever been in a windowless room?  Isn’t that it feels closed and contained.  The space may feel tight and suffocating.  The opposite of this is that if a room or office is full of windows especially tall and wide ones, it could feel more spacious and roomy.  It also helps if the view of your window is not obstructed by a building or walls from neighbors and that your view is beautiful.

Enjoy View and Space with Roller Blinds - Makati City

Enjoy View and Space with Roller Blinds – Makati City

In this case, you will need to capitalize on your office or room’s view and use sunscreen roller blinds instead of blackout types.  There are many types of sunscreen fabrics depending on the openness parameter.  A 1% openness means that only 1% of the fabric is open and therefore only a few sunlight can penetrate the fabric.  On the other hand, a 5% openness means more sunlight can penetrate the fabric and room.  A greater openness also means that you can see the view outside with greater clarity.  A 1% openness means that you won’t be able to see outside view just as clear.

Continue reading

Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Office Windows – Pasig City, Philippines

Looking for window treatment ideas that can improve and lighten up the ambiance of your office? An affordable window cover that offers a unique appearance for your office that is something innovative, durable, easy maintenance, provide privacy and protection from sunlight all together in one window blinds?  These are the requirements that our client in Pasig City needed in their new window blinds and all of their condition is possible when it comes to aluminum mini blinds.

Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Window - Pasig City, Philippines

Mini Blinds for Wide Horizontal Window – Pasig City, Philippines

Mini Blinds are one of the cheapest window blinds in the market today, but not poor when it comes to quality in fact it’s very proficient for a window treatment. Mini Blinds are the perfect window covering for any kind of room motif from minimalist; traditional to contemporary it’s very adaptable.  Continue reading

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Girly, charming and perfectly pink these are the best description you get when you ask every little girl’s dream room.  Our client in Ermita, Manila who just decorated her little girl’s bedroom with a chic pink color design that helps to inspire creativity and playfulness as well as appealing for any child’s viewpoint.  Also pink is a color nowadays that obviously associated with girls and women that only seems to be excellent girl’s room design like what our client did. When it comes to a pink theme bedroom there are also plenty of accessories and interior styles that you can add and mix to turn it into a modern design room flawlessly.

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room - Ermita Manila

PVC Vertical Blinds for Girls Pink Room – Ermita Manila

Since your child surely will spend a lot of time in their own bedroom it’s only natural to make their bedrooms extra special.  Unique accessories and cool décor items can turn a simple child’s room to fabulous and fashionable bedrooms adding to pink color tone will certainly inspire your children and have a sweet dream every night.  Continue reading

New Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for A Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City Philippines

Designers and home owners who personally decorate their house know the importance value of matching and balancing color in designing a room and how it can greatly affect the overall appearance of the interior design. Color is the key in achieving and executing your motif in any room and sometimes it can also be the main focus of room motif with the use of color scheme pattern like our client in Marikina City using complementing color two tone designs.

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Aparment - Marikina City, Philippines

Crescendo Dual Shade Blinds for Two Toned Apartment – Marikina City, Philippines

Our client uses a two toned design in her new apartment with the shade of light and dark green. The reason our client chooses green as the main color for her apartment is because green is one of the most relaxing and calming color and considered the most restful color for the eye. Green can also help to cool things down and bring freshness look and ambiance in a room, even in summer heat making the room more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. And for people like our client that always has a hectic schedule going home in a place with a design that can help relieve stress from the busy day is always welcome in her apartment. Continue reading

Fabric Vertical Blinds For High Ceiling Staircase Window – Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Decorating your home that has a high ceiling needs a lot of creative thinking.  Making a character in your place with those extra windows and walls is difficult and challenging than your usual sized rooms.  In this article, our client in Mandaluyong City uses her high ceiling staircase windows in use to enhance her house appearance making it more modern and appealing.

Fabric Vertical Blinds For High Ceiling Staircase - Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds For High Ceiling Staircase – Mandaluyong City, Philippines

High ceiling can always add life, elegance and nobility in a house.  Some homes have it in their living room, but for our client they have it in their staircase that’s added grandness in the whole appearance of the staircase. In fact a high ceiling staircase window is a traditional method in designing a stairway.  Continue reading